Free Wifi @ Barnes & Nobles (Niagara Falls Blvd)

Found Free WiFi @ Barnes & Nobles

I was impressed when my friend found out that she could get wireless internet access from our local Barnes & Nobles, not through any black-hat technique, but simply by trying her luck and clicking on her Airport Menu Icon to join a network. Apparently there’s a shop just across the street has open network access with SSID “”. Perhaps it’s a way to promote their Hypnosis & Weight Loss business. Anyhow, I was able to confirm their location on Google Maps, which is just across the street from B&N. This should give us good wireless signal!

7 thoughts on “Free Wifi @ Barnes & Nobles (Niagara Falls Blvd)

  1. its silly that free WiFi isn’t ubiquitious – especially in major urban areas. WiFi is quickly becoming a necessity in everyday life.

  2. BTW, Spot Coffee on Delaware and Chippewa also boasts free Wifi, I just wish their Elmwood location had it too.

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