What’s in your Drafts?

If I were to be an animal, I wish to be as handsome as Starleigh’s two year old cat, Hazel

Of late I’ve realize that personal, as well as long forgotten parts of my life, have increasingly seeped into this blog. None so truer than to see that this week alone, an ex-girlfriend found me here, and my parents (via Skype) started asking whether I blog too much. I see blogging simply as a daily routine like brushing one’s teeth, but instead of teeth, you’re brushing your mind of “useful thoughts” and keeping them for posterity online before they decay into nothingness. In other words, this blog is my surrogate brain, backing up my life so I can almost “live on” forever. While I’d love to share everything about my life here, I can’t and I won’t.

So for now, I offer you a sneak peek at life uncensored and uncut, by sharing with you an accumulation of drafts that never saw the light of day. Some of the stuff I’ve written ended up meandering into nothingness, while others just aren’t timely anymore. Before I delete all the invalid, unpublished works, I’m going to list their titles. Here on, I present thee a glimmer of reality:

Your Drafts: Advertising in Video Games, Why A.I. can’t fight wars for us (yet!), Shout if you’re reading this blog!, How to Map Everything You Think (Free eBook), Mass Exodus in World of Warcraft, Hyperdistribution // The case of Internet as the new TV, How to blog effectively without thinking…, Reflections on Semantic Network Analysis, How RSS spells Death to Online Serendipity, Video: Days of Frontallabs, Being Personal, TagCloud for your blog, Distributed Creativity, Introducing Singaporean bloggers on Frappr Map, Singapore’s open checkbook for top scientists, Singaporean Faculty at US universities, Which Monty Python character are you?, What kind of humanist are you?, Today’s Links: Digg variations, Ten Online Apps for the Travelling Geek, How to game Digg.com for fame (and maybe fortune), Today’s Links, Deconstructing Catherine’s “Managing Political Dissent”, Synergy, Today’s Links, Today’s Links, Return of the Spam Bot

How is this useful?
Sure, it could be ugly, but perhaps the purpose of this exercise would be to offer a backchannel into how we think. I hope this inspires you to share your unpublished drafts as well. If you do, drop me a comment about it.

10 thoughts on “What’s in your Drafts?

  1. I have more stuff shoved into my draft folders than I care to think about – I occasionally randomly check on them and post or toss as applicable. Typically I will post something of interest to draft as a sort of holding pen. Since discovering del.icio.us my need for doing this has declined considerably. When I started with blogger they had a feature allowing you to change the date and times of postings. This was especially handy in taking older drafts and updating the timestamps – but was also cool because you could go back in time and date stamp a posting from before the event took place – that is probably why they got rid of it.

  2. Google is a very useful tool for tracking people down. 😛
    And p.s> I knew about your blog donkey years ago lar. 😛
    Just chose to make it known this year coz year 2006 is a whole new beginning for me. 🙂

    P.S> But do not misunderstand/misread the reason for me re-reading your blog ar. 🙂 I am just KPO. That’s it. Curious me. 🙂

  3. What? You? Blog too much? I havent been asked that but I can’t seem to blog daily….only b/c then I might think I blog too much. Maybe I should. I do often wonder if I should say less about my personal life. My blog is pretty much my life unscripted, though there are many posts written in my head that never see the computer…

  4. mistaken: Wow, you’re taking a big step posting here my anonymous friend. So are you saying that since I blog more, I have even more going on in my head? 😛

  5. lol. More going on in your head….hmmm…I think you have less going on only because you write all/most of it. I don’t. I blog nearly everything mentally but don’t do it in real life. Then if you got into the magazine articles and other things I wanted to write…I’m surprised my head hasn’t exploded yet.

    Yeah, I realize the risk. I guess I”ll see what/if anything happens. I’ve been tempted to out myself but I’m not that brave. Maybe I’ll just start a second blog on the stuff I study and want to talk about. ?

  6. mistaken: I find it easier and more satisfying to blog as my true self. There are inherent risks involved, but the rewards are so worth it. I’m essentially building my reputation online and offline. Try it and see how it works for you. 🙂

  7. Wow, that’s a lot of drafts. I don’t have any as I can’t stand having unpublished entries, so I publish as I finish writing, and then move on to the next one. Sometimes this means I can have four long entries or more per day. Works for me!

  8. Jean: That’s hardcore. I have been reading about your working life and family and yes, you write a lot! 🙂

    Some of my articles go way too long and then I get interrupted. By the time I get back to them, most of the articles would have lost their newsworthiness. makes me feel like starting a new blog “Theory: Uncut Edition”.

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