How to build your own external hard drive

Building my 800GB RAID - 4
Here you see my do-it-yourself 800GB RAID (left) which is already running out of storage space!

Peter alerted me to a “bookmark-worthy post” on (shopping deals forum) about everything you need to know when building an external hard drive.

Senior Fatwallet member “kknd1967” essentially runs you through an FAQ so you can find out exactly what you need in order to build one of your own. Some of these questions include:
1. Why do I need to consider buying an external enclosure?
2. Which size should I choose?
3. Which interface should I choose: IEEE1394a(firewire400) 1394b(firewire800) USB2.0 or SATA?
4. Which type should I choose, plastic or aluminum, no fan or with fan?
5. Does host chipset matters? (I say this part is worth reading alone!)
6. Why my devices are not recognized by Windows?
7. Why is my hard drive is not fast enough?
8. Do I need to update firmware and how?
9. OK, I have heard enough. Where do I buy?

After that, there’s also an impressive list of branded hard drive enclosures with links to details on each of them. Check it out now!