Win US$1,000 for blogging in a US college…

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Money is always in fashion” by Maurice Flower

Jennimi informed me of this money making opportunity for any blogger currently a US resident and in school. I doubt I can make it though, since I blog hapharzardly between topics like Web 2.0, gadget hackery, gaming, academia and Singapore… is now accepting entries for its second semiannual Blogging for Progress Scholarship contest. The contest encourages current and prospective college students to write about current events, society, the environment, and public policy.

The first-place winner will be awarded a $1000 scholarship, and three runners-up will be awarded $300 scholarships.

The deadline for entries is June 1, but early entrants have an advantage, as scoring is based on the number of posts and readership over the five month period of the contest. There is no fee to enter.

Last year’s entrants reached an audience of over half a million people during the contest period, and their postings continue to be read by thousands of people each day. We encourage all budding writers, journalists, bloggers, and leaders to start blogging for progress today, and make your voice heard.

More information, and registration forms are available at:

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