Happy Chinese New Year from Buffalo!

How to make Kong Bah Bao
Yo! This is da’ wicked Kong Bah Bao made by my girl Penny. Word.

It’s my duty to inform everyone that Chinese New Year (CNY) is upon us. If you don’t know what CNY is about, the amazing all-seeing Wikipedia has the answers. For those of us living far from home (e.g. Singapore), the spirit of Chinese New Year might never be the same, but it can be recreated/simulated. Tonight my apartment plays host to the bunch of us Singaporeans living in Buffalo. Like what most Singaporeans do abroad, we made it potluck style so there’s sure to be plenty of tasty treats. Cause we’re poor lowly students, there’s no hong baos (i.e. red packets w/ cash yo!), but we make it up with good company and root beer… none of us “drink” for some reason and keep it cool with soda. Anyway, I part with you now with some light comedy from Penny and me…

Listen to how we make Kong Ba(h) Bao and have a Happy Chinese New Year!

6 thoughts on “Happy Chinese New Year from Buffalo!

  1. haha, happy new year! Just saw Penny’s flick, full of food also!! *envy* I ate maggi mee for new year’s eve ok.. so poorthing. heh. Anyways, when are you guys getting married? I’m waiting for ang bao. heh

  2. heather: Aiyoh, only had Maggie Mee for Chinese New Year? Damn poor thing man… if you live with Penny, there’s no way you’ll ever starve. She always makes good food for everyone. We ought to visit you in Finland and airdrop you some homecooked food. 😛

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