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An instant messenger program with file sharing features. Click to see more photos

I was trying out the imeem beta for Mac for the first time today and ended up spending the last few hours hopelessly addicted. Within a few clicks, you’ll start to see why this new app has to potential to be life-changing. Just think of it as IM + friendster + flickr + fileSharing + blogging!

Imeem was founded in December 2003, and is a cross between instant messaging and networking sites like MySpace and Friendster. While it’s essentially an instant messenger, it has features similar to friendster (social networking), flickr (photo sharing/tagging), Google Groups (interest groups), blogging, and file sharing all in one. Words cannot describe this enough and even though the Mac version is still in beta, it has a very polished working interface. Since it has been out for Windows for a while, there are plenty of interesting users already populating the service (searchable via profiles).

iMeem’s file sharing feature was what first peaked my interest into this application, since it goes beyond other instant messengers by allowing persistent sharing of files when someone clicks on your profile (don’t worry, you can set privacy levels). From the about page, imeem’s official features include:
• Sharing your media (e.g. recommend new music, films and video to friends)
• Store and share photos
• Send instant messages
• Create and share blogs
• Find new friends and form public and private groups (called “meems!”)

My personal thoughts on imeem:
If you look at the big picture, imeem is really taking you back to the AOL days by attempting to replace our web browser with an enclosed interactive environment. If I you want me to be critical, it’s essentially doing nothing new, except to create a space that integrates all our favourite types of services together. Though I do feel that it does steal from others conceptually, I must add that it does extremely well in terms of overall integration with the Mac OS (e.g. photo sharing iPhoto albums).

Since it is a Mac beta, we still aren’t able to add our AIM®, Yahoo®, MSN®, and GoogleTalk accounts like our Windows counterparts. Still, there are lots of other features to keep anyone exploring. If you’re interested, take the tour or download it now, then link to me at imeem: brainopera or join my meem: Singapore

imeem for mac beta

UPDATE: Red Herring covered the iMeem launch party.

4 thoughts on “Download “imeem” and join me now!

  1. The real problem with the proliferation of social network software, be it web application or client on the OS itself, is the lack of interaction between each of these networks. Social network’s the hot thing when the “web 2.0” phase was coined, and it will remain popular for a period of time. This means that more and more of these services are going to surface. First you have flickr, imeem, and in the end you’ll end up with 10-20 different applications, some of which work better then the rest, while each and everyone of them doing pretty much the same thing with different implementation and username / password on your end.

    When you say “yet another social network”, you know that we don’t really need these many implementation. We just need a way to inter-connect the existing network. Social network seems to be re-inventing the network part every once in a while.

    Just my 2 cents.

    P.S. Good to know they at least have support for Mac platform though

  2. Ben: I agree. This is why I mentioned that imeem felt more like AOL than the true web since it enclosed you within it’s own social network. Web 2.0 is really about interoperability and I do wish that imeem tapped on the existing networks (flickr, friendster, googlegroups, etc) rather than to invent its own.

  3. I immediately liked the idea of this imeem app, especially since it would integrate my hotmail, aim and yahoo accounts and seemed a great alternative for msn messenger (yes, I reside in Windowsland, though I wish I had a Mac again like I used to).
    Anyway, this imeem thing hasn’t worked a bit since I installed it 5 hours ago, mailed their (very friendly) support department, and scoured the web for any help. It freaks out Firefox, it never logs in, it crashes and freezes at random and doesn’t seem to remember the preferences I ticked. I’m abandoning it for now, but will try and go back to it sometime, because it just feels OK. Who knows, it may just be my machine having one of its spells again?
    My apologies if I rant, but I had to get rid of this frustration vibe here. I do love this blog, though. Keep up the good work. Cheers!

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