CurrentStatus: Getting on track to graduate this year…

Miso soup in the office
Ahhh… the joy of instant miso soup in the office as a little reward for a long day’s work

Currently Congratulating
Long time friend Gr3g, who recently got married and went to Melborne for their honeymoon. Since I haven’t seen him in years, I gave him a Flickr Pro account as a wedding present so everyone could see what went on.

Currently Working
“Thank you for your commitment to the protection of human participants.” – Institution Review Board (IRB)
That’s the beautiful line which shows that I’ve been approved to run my “media use” experiment on innocent students in the COM101 classes. Buah hahahaha. Couple this with the my successful application for Full-Time Status on 1 credit means I have more time to work on my papers leading to my dissertation on blogs. With all this, I should be on track to finish everything by September 2006 (No prayer included).

Currently Thinking
Straydog’s need for reading glasses reminds me to take breaks from the computer. I believe that since computers do not occur in nature, they might be poisonous for our souls. It’s based on a thought from a Buddhist friend who once told me that eating mushrooms drains your life away since they grow on the dead.

Currently Weathering
Still chilly, but Buffalo’s sun now stays up past 5pm… a good sign that spring is coming. Thank gawd!

Currently Eating
• Instant Miso Soup in the office while I’m writing material for the upcoming Web 2.0 workshop. I’m planning to make it a riot!
• Japanese @ Fuji Grill as I discuss the upcoming Podcasting workshop with law librarian/podcaster Jim Milles.

Currently Playing
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
A f@#king amazing game… the fact that it’s running on a portable PSP makes me think how technology = medieval magic.

Currently Wishing
• The MacBook Pro, though I wish Apple made a 12″ version!
• For everything I’m doing now to work out… there are people depending on me!
• Wish On Hold: How to make a Konfabulator widget

Currently Thanking
Alex Halavais for being a steady academic advisor and making my online survey tick.
• iCheerful for sending my weird stuff in my inbox, often pornographic photos of food and gadgets
RamblingLibrarian for proving to me that Singaporeans are willing to fight for our country and that there are such things as filthy-minded librarians (not him of course!)
Sacrelicious for never failing to share useful information through the comments
• If you read everything up till here, boy do you deserve a big thank you too!

9 thoughts on “CurrentStatus: Getting on track to graduate this year…

  1. Sacrelicous: Sorry, at PhD level, there are no exams… instead lots of papers to write! 🙂

    takchek: Let’s see…
    One and a half years for the B.A. in Communication
    Two years for M.A. in Informatics
    Two and a half years for PhD. in Communication
    That’s more than SIX years in university… I’ve been here longer than some faculty. UB should just hire me! 😀

  2. takchek: I guess I have a short attention span… if it were any longer, I’d go nuts. But seriously, each discipline has different requirements, especially between social sciences vs. hard sciences.

    For my program, I sped through it because I took relevant classes ahead of time for my electives managed to transfer most of it into the subsequent program. Also when you write papers, it helps to write around a particular field so you don’t have to keep re-inventing the wheel.

    Wait a sec what am I telling you this for? You probably know it all too! 😛

  3. Thanks for thanking me, Kevin (I think). Ah, about the “filthy-minded librarians” part — context man, context! What would your readers think when you mention me and the word “filthy” in the same line? : )

  4. UB is strange in the rapidity with which students finish their degrees. It’s pretty much part of the culture that folks complete within 3 to 4 years, far less than the norm in our field. On the one hand this means that our students are often behind the 8 ball when they come to the academic job market, competing against students who have had a few more years of teaching and publishing under their belts. On the other, they are done faster.

    My average Ph.D. advisee takes a bit over 5 years, but that’s a very small sample size :). Kevin should bring that down a bit.

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