MrBrown’s “Fierce” Podcasting Gear

MrBrown podcasting gear
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The kind of stuff you find in your flickr feed… Being a gadget fiend myself, I was enthralled when I saw how “fierce” MrBrown’s podcasting gear was. We have a lot of video production gear at the ETC, but MrBrown’s podcasting kit goes beyond what we could muster for our own audio recording!

I must say that he has exquisite taste for his toys since they include a popular selection of podcasting picks: Behringer Eurorack UB802 Mixer, M-Audio Mobilepre USB (USB Bus-Powered Preamp and Audio Interface), Audio Technica AT-897 Shotgun condenser microphone, iPod 40Gb Clickwheel with Griffin iTalk and lapel mic, Sennheiser HD 280 Pro studio monitor headphones, Apple Powerbook G4, M-Audio Nova studio condenser microphone with Stedman Proscreen 101 pop filter, and Shure SM-58 dynamic microphone.

You can hear him describe his equipment here. His choice of podcasting service/storage seems to be Libsyn which I heard is good with academic podcasters I know. If you’re wondering what he uses all this for, it’s for his “Zhng My Car” podcast, which should be the most popular one from Singapore.

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  1. Swifty: You don’t need to spend so much. Good ideas go further than great equipment. I’ve already heard interesting podcasts done via one’s humble telephone!

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