Tips on Sharing Videos via iTunes 6.0.2

Tips on Video Sharing via iTunes 6.0.2
Now you can see all the geeky podcasts and videocasts I subscribe to…

Apple quietly added video sharing with iTunes 6.0.2. Once you update all your computers on your home network to the latest version of iTunes, you could dedicate one computer (preferably the one with the largest hard drive) as a movie / videocast streaming server, saving hard drive space and download time on your other Macs, especially Powerbooks and iBooks

Based on this feature, I agree with Phillip Torrone (MAKE) that it won’t be long before “we’ll see an Airport express AV to stream video to our TVs soon”. So far one user has commented on MAKE that video sharing also works for content purchased from the iTunes Music Store.

There is one bug though… the only videos that appear “shared” are ones that have been added after the update to 6.0.2. Fortunately, MacOSXHints has a “one minute” tip for fixing it:

To allow all your videos to be shared, move them from the iTunes folder to another location, delete them in the iTunes application, and then drag-and-drop them back into iTunes. This works for all video types that iTunes supports.

Oh, and one more thing…
Blue Coconut, the application for downloading music from a networked playlist, works exactly the same with video files. (via Nicest of the Damned)

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