G5 vs Intel: Internal comparison of iMacs

G5 vs Intel: Internal view of iMacs
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Discovered from an Austrialian Mac user forum comparing G5 and Intel mac performance, a user named Dana produced the amazing photograph which details the internals of each generation of iMac. Here’s what she said:

Here’s an update on the comparisons between the first iMac G5s, the G5 with iSight, and the new Intel iMac – both 17″ and 20″.

Remember the first ones (on the far left) are viewed after taking the back of the iMac off, while the latter models are viewed after taking the screen off the front. Different access methods for the case redesign. Enjoy!

Hat tip to Biao and a warm hello to Macsurfer readers!

5 thoughts on “G5 vs Intel: Internal comparison of iMacs

  1. I know little about hardware. The layout of iMac G5(iSight) and the Intel iMac is very similar. Could it be possible that the CPU can be swapped between either machine?

  2. Jayne: Apple seems to be about cost cutting this year… the MacBook Pro and the Intel iMac don’t have drastic design changes other than ports and iSight camera placement. It’d be cheaper to keep the same mobo layout.

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