SingaporeanAbroad: Luncheon with Mr Biao

Interview with Biao
*Might not be actual conversation due to groggy memory

I recently had lunch with blogger Biao of while I was in San Francisco for Macworld. While I expected to interview him about his life as a Singaporean working in the start-up world of Mountain View, CA, he ended up interviewing me instead. He asked lots of questions which I would have ask other bloggers, so I realized how useful it’d be for me to try answer them. While the delicious Cha Kway Teow gave me short-term memory, here are some points I recalled from our first meetup:

1. Blogging as a social responsibility
One of the key notions we discovered was how it is really up to typical people like us to make the internet more useful. Content is still king and machines alone can’t do squat without us humans. If you blog, keep on chugging. If you don’t, start soon and help give everyone else better search engine results.

2. Has your blog turned into a mish-mash of stuff?
It’s ok… there’s no rule against that and it’s all about being comfortable blogging. While I started out blogging about communication theories, I ended up blogging about tech and about my life. It’s inevitable and it’s perfectly fine for other parts of your life to seep onto your blog. Bloggers don’t need to be as specific as Engadget; they can have a “me” blog and still be equally useful thanks to the search engines like Google.

3. Persistence still pays off
On a different note, I’m inspired by Biao’s incredible break at a job fair in Stanford which landed him the tech-related job in Mountain View, CA (lots of big corporations there, including Google!) He’s in a unique position to blog about his life and experience working there!

That’s it for now… go over to if you want to find out how he’s doing!

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  1. Yup yup, I definitely agree with those points. If we wanted to be so specific, we might as well have a website instead of a blog. Or have I lost myself, being brain dead at 1.05am? X_X

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