Why Apple’s Intel Ad = “The Postal Service” music video


Author of the “Cult of Mac” book, Leander Kahney, has been on the case of Apple’s latest Intel Ad having a bold resemblance to The Postal Service’s “Such Great Heights” music video. Watch this side-by-side comparative video to see the uncanny similarity for yourself. If you recall, Apple also came under fire for its previous iPod ad which looked similar to a Lugz shoe commercial.

Today however, it looks like Apple is finally off the hook… it’s been revealed that the same director was used behind the Apple Intel Ad and the music video. In other words, this new Apple ad isn’t a replica, but a remake. Does this still make it creatively ethical?

Perhaps it’s a cost-saving move…

3 thoughts on “Why Apple’s Intel Ad = “The Postal Service” music video

  1. Jennimi: Good find. Funny thing is if you check out the iTunes music store, Apple’s featuring that Postal Service music video for $1.99 download. It must be an intentional message of sorts.

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