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San Francisco 2006 via Bubbleshare
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Despite what many may think, I don’t consider myself lucky being able to go Macworld… after all, I paid for my own flights and lodging, got free entry to the Expo by signing up early, and covered the Expo through a digital camera I borrowed from work. Yup, I’m just a regular Joe like the rest of you, with the only exception being that I always try to make this pilgrimage to Macworld annually. It’s something I really look forward to every year. I missed last year’s expo, but for the year before, I had taken hundred of photos spanning four days and received a good amount of visitors as well (See Macworld Expo 2003 Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4).

This year however, not everything on my San Francisco trip was about Macs. Thanks to three friends who moved there, Dennis, Sam and Marie brought Peter and I around to experience the other shades of San Francisco. As you’ll see in the Bubbleshare photo album above, we enjoyed lots of amazing food. This Bubbleshare photo service is pretty slick… although it autoplays, if you press the crossed-out speaker icon, the slideshow will playback with my voiceover (rediscovered via Preetam Rai). Bubbleshare is really easy to use… I highly encourage everyone to use either Flickr or Bubbleshare as it doesn’t require your friends to register before seeing your photos.

On a final note, I think of Apple’s Photocasting idea as quite crappy… photo services like Flickr have always featured RSS and I think photocasting will really take off as an innovation only if the voice element were to be included with images, an idea demonstrated with Bubbleshare (though not in RSS form).

7 thoughts on “San Francisco vacation photos via BubbleShare

  1. Did you guys ate like every 2 hours? Because 75% of the photos
    are pictures of food!!! and Popiah!! 🙁 I miss.. heh..

    Are there alot of Asians in San francisco?

  2. Heather: San Fran is quite a multicultural city… depending on the district you’re in, there can be lots of Asians. And yes, we ate a lot… it was mad good… crabs and all. 😛

  3. Brennan my man, my thoughts exactly… for now I can only stare at the photos and imagine food in my mouth. I’m salivating like a dog now… 😛

  4. Sacrelicious: I think you can put that Kway Chup on the endangered species list when living abroad. I’ve yet to find a place that makes it, even if it tastes bad! 😀

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