Video: The Hidden Gems of Macworld

Music: Love Bird (feat. Lisa Debenedictis) by callmeyang

In this final video from Macworld, watch out for unique product demos most people might have missed out on, including:
1. TuneCenter from Griffin Technology (iPod media center for only $99!)
2. World of Warcraft on a Duo Core iMac (aka WoW on Steroids!)
3. MyVu – Personal Media Viewer (video goggles anyone?)
4. G5 Bling from Wiebetech (Hack your own CPU stat display!)
5. Google Earth + SketchUp plugin (Mapping Mashup!)
6. Matias Half Keyboard (Edgar Matias demos new X2 version)
7. MCopy & MBridge (Transfer/Upload media from any USB device!)
8. TechTools Protege (Nice LEDs and Booting Interface)
9. BONUS: Inside look at the Apple Company Store!

Also, here’s the higher quality Quicktime version (iPod-ready / 20mins / 102MB).

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UPDATE: Now featured on MAKE: Blog

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  2. I got shocked that i listened my remix there! Nice 😀
    Preety cool products on the video by the way!
    Im glad that Lisa saw this also! Great!


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