Quicktime of “15mins with MacBook Pro” available

1024 minutes to compress

As promised, here’s the high quality Quicktime version of the 15mins with MacBook Pro video (75MB / iPod-ready). I also have a quick 2min walkabout at Macworld in Quicktime here (10MB / 2min).

The final video, entitled “Hidden Gems of Macworld”, is taking longer than expected to produce since it’s 20mins long. If you look above, you can see my 12″ Powerbook taking a ridiculous amount of time rendering and compressing the video. Once that’s out, the Macworld video trilogy will be complete :P.

Does anyone know if iMovie HD always takes this long to compress mpeg4 video files? Are there better ways around this?

6 thoughts on “Quicktime of “15mins with MacBook Pro” available

  1. After editing my video in iMovie HD (version 5), I “Share” it using Expert Settings in Quicktime. I then select iPod video which is mpeg4 320×240.

  2. I have been attempting to burn a 1:24 movie with idvd4. After 24 hours I always assume something is wrong (haha) I decided to try to just save the movie to a quicktime movie for my ipod video so I could watch it on that at least. It has been 12 hours and the compression is happening but at the rate it is going I think it will be done sometime around 40 hours total unless an error message pops up on the way! Heres hoping. An unfinished draft of this movie burned fine 2 months ago. Now I have imported about 4 minutes of additional dv content to finish it up and its running on turtle speed. 800m Imac G4 512 ram 37gig available hd. Project is on external firewire drive. It worked fine before. Ahh the wonder of computers. Talk about stifling your creativity.

  3. is there a smaller version of the 75mb video? im on dial-up and it would take a fair amount of time to download that, and im not allowed to leave the net on for too long.

    if you could halve the size of the vid id definately download it. thanks.

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