Macworld Expo 2006: The Definitive Photo Collection

This definitive Flickr slideshow showcases three days worth of gadget glory at Macworld Expo 2006.

Watch out for some exclusive photos of:
– The MacBook Pro up close and personal
– Belkin’s secretive ExpressCard lineup for Mac
– A-tech’s ExpressCard 12-in-1 Reader
– A-tech’s iLounge: Toilet Paper iPod speaker dock (Product Brochure)
– Rain Design’s iWoofer for iPod
– Crumpler bag’s giant crumpler bag booth tent (See to believe!)’s Powerbook laser etching service ($200 for a whole lid)
Volkswagon with built-in Mac mini
–’s Neon Evangelion-themed Mac mini
– Wiebetech’s G5 Bling: Programmable LEDs for your G5 grill
– The colorful and oversized Googleboard keyboard
– Razer’s new high precision mouse and mousepad for Mac
– and tons of custom designed iPod and laptop cases

14 thoughts on “Macworld Expo 2006: The Definitive Photo Collection

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  2. Kevin, did you come across any vendors selling Microphone that works with iPod Video? If I remember correctly Apple claims that the latest generation of iPod is able to record in stereo format.

  3. That’s an awesome flash slideshow. Did you code that? Or is there a template I can use for that kind of thing?

  4. Hmmm…. Professional Blogger? You get paid to blog?

    “Trust me…I’m a trained professional” : NuX-Metal

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