Video: 15 minutes with the MacBook Pro

For photos, check out my definitive Flickr slideshow for Macworld Expo 2006.

Watch Peter and I walkthrough the features of the MacBook Pro with an Apple representative. Note that Apple only had prototype units for the expo. In this exclusive video, watch for:
– Real-time performance of various apps
– How the breakaway magnetic power plug works
– Overview of the Mac’s ports, including Expresscard 34 slot
– How the built-in iSight works
– How the Apple Remote is Mac-assignable

You’ll also see the iLife ’06 suite in action as we run it through its paces. Watch for new features in the following apps:
– iPhoto: Calendar printing feature
– iMovie: Themes for video segments
– iDVD: Examples of 16×9 menu themes
– iWeb: How Blogging through it works
– Garageband: Videocast publishing
– Frontrow: Using the Apple Remote

We asked about heat issues and battery life as compared to the previous Powerbooks, but both of these are unconfirmed since specs were still being confirmed. Upon touching the base, it felt as warm as my 12″ Powerbook though.

Music: Morse Code on the New Forms Album by Roni Size and Reprazent. (Thanks dolphumous!)

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2. As promised, here’s the high quality Quicktime version for download (iPod-ready mpeg4, 75MB)

3. Check out my definitive photo slideshow of Macworld Expo 2006

4. Watch a new video of Mac OS X running on a Sony Vaio.

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102 thoughts on “Video: 15 minutes with the MacBook Pro

  1. Kevin, great video footage you had capture. What are the softwares/equipments involved in the making of this presentation. Its seems to me that the yonah is not peforming as fast as it claim on paper. Btw, the apple guy need a mouse for better ergonomics 😀

  2. Frankly speaking, that Apple rep was pretty clueless. He kept making mistakes trying to generate iLife examples via drag n drop. This post has been Digg-ed and like the users there, I tend to agree it’s actually fast. Watch the launch times of the apps… it was instantly ready upon click.

    I used a Sony M1 hybrid digital camera, iPhoto 5, iMovie 5 and video sharing service. I actually have higher quality video, but it’s too troublesome for me to find a place to store them permanently (Internet Archive takes forever to upload).

  3. wow, click on the video guys, it will take you to YouTube where there are tons of other interesting clips

  4. Great. No more pcmcia so EVDO card won’t work. Stupid iSight makes the screen resolution 86k pixels smaller, no dual layer 8x dvd burning, no s-video w/o the dongle and the worst of all – it’s called a Macbook, and hard drive is smaller than the current ones. Buy this laptop at your own peril.

    I’ll stick to my current Powerbook.

  5. Sweet, very nice video. From comparing the app load times and general usage (especially iPhoto) with my 1.33Ghz Powerbook G4 I can tell it is much quicker, especially rendering.

    That rep did seem very clueless, it takes what, 15min to memorize a spec sheet? If that.

  6. Don’t be fooled by the launch speed of apps. This machine has most likely 2 GB ram and all apps were already loaded once. So they’re just launching them back from the cache. This also very fast on an old iBook. But I agree it’s completely instant.

  7. asdf Says:
    January 13th, 2006 at 5:37 am

    A magnet near a harddrive and DVD-ROM? Great idea.

    There have been magnets in Apple laptops for a long time. The laptops go to sleep by use of magnets, and the clasp that keeps the lid closed gets pulled out of the lid by use of a magnet when you close it.

    Also, don’t you think Apple would go through testing to see if the magnets affects any of the internal components? I think they would, it’s only logical.

    The only thing I would worry about is something like putting a credit card near there.

  8. If I was getting paid $1.50 an hour talking to a lot of geeks I could play the dumbass as well. However, if they allowed me to take the MacBook Pro home at the end of the day after it had been mauled by a couple of thousand people, then I probably would have figured out what I was actually supposed to be promoting….

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  10. I like how the guy said “You got rid of Firewire 800?… Why’d you do that?” Apple rep: “..yep…… This is iPhoto….”

  11. any way you can repost/change the article to include a link to a non-proprietary video format 🙂 … flash on amd64 is problematic. and proprietary :(.

  12. i read somewhere that a magnet strong enough to affect a hd would be strong enough to suck iron out of your skin, from your blood.

  13. That Apple-guy really doesn’t know much about the product he is demonstrating… Where did they find him?!

  14. the demo folks are pretty clueless… i asked one about why the isight in the lid is so small, yet the stand alone isight is so bulbous and large in coparison… she had no clue, she seemed like someone’s mom who wandered into the show…

    interesting that the builtin isights are usb and not firewire, and ichat used to only support firewire cams…

  15. I agree with Kevin…the apps were loading so fast. I though they were already open and sitting in the dock…that”s how quick they were. Also, yes…that rep was pretty bad at demoing the MacBook. He should have just called Steve-o over.

  16. I could swear that it looks thinner than my 15″ AU. Also, during the close up of the video-out, it looks like the sides are shaped, vs. the sides of my unit.

    Those apps are loading fast, but apps, particularly iLife apps, always seem to load fast on *new* macs.

    I read over at Macintouch that Virtual PC doesn’t work on the Mactel machines, and that they have no idea how long it is going to take to re-engineer, if it is even possible. That rules it out for me in the short term. 🙁

  17. I think you can’t blame the guy for knowing nothing about the sofware or the mac, because just like us, he is getting his first look at the machine too. Do you really think Apple keeps these guys who demo the machines at the expo info on the machines before Steve announces them. Give the guy a break.

  18. Sweet video…I still can’t decided whether to get one or not. …kind of funny you work for the ETC…I used to work there many years ago…

  19. Give the guy a break! Did you expect Apple to provide him a spec sheet before the announcement? He doesn’t seem like he was hired to do demos. He’s just a rep not a salesman. Listen to the guy in the background doing a demo for Aperture. Much better.

    And if the rep knew that this guy would post up the video on YouTube he would’ve read up some more. How would you guys perform in his situation?

  20. Hey Kevin, awesome video on the MacBook Pro. I defiantly need to get myself one of those, if I can affort one. Tell you the truth, it been awhile that I haven’t touch a Mac, and thinking of switching from Windows to Mac. It ant easy thought, but after looking at that video, I might make the switch. For now, I’m stuck with Windows.

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  23. When I unplugged the power of the MacBook the battery menu widget said it had 4 hours remaining – on a full charge doing nothing.

  24. I’d like to add that the Macbook Pro at the expo was running 2GB of memory.

    I was tasked to test out the MS office suite that’s not available in UB yet. With Rosetta technology, I’m quite impressed with the Powerpoint for example, load up takes less than 5 minutes. I’ve requested them to convert the iWork tutorial into Powerpoint format from Keynotes 3 and running in Powerpoint does not take any hiccup (mind you there’s 2 Gb of memory) and took less than 3% of CPU utilization.

    However, this preproduction unit runs extremely extremely hot, even at less than 20% CPU utilization consistently the laptop left hand side (hosting HD as in the Powerbook) are quite hot to touch, the underneath runs extremely hot — the hottest I’ve ever seen on any laptops in the world. I’ll say close to 60oC (140F), more like the Powerbook running close to 100% utilization consistently for an hour or so. They should put a label saying “Warning: this laptop can cause serious injury if you run on your lap”

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  26. man, where is Steve Jobs when you need him? He should have his ass down there to do the promo, not some minimum-wage drone .

  27. what about the temperature of this macbook? i couldnt understand.. is it a way more hotter than powerbook?

  28. Thanks for hte video. I just wish you hadn’t spent so much valuable time on going back several times and reading the MacBook specs page during the demo. You could’ve at least clicked on “about this mac” for the specs. Also, why…h WHY didn’t you keep the video rolling for the HD Movie Trailer that the Apple Rep. had just started. I wanted to see how smooth it ran…

  29. Please can people stop making unintelligible post to this site. Things we need to know a) Macbook Pro = Hot very hot has any one verified this??? 2) Battery Times any conclusive proof maybe 4 hours or less 3) When is Doom 3 availiable ??? .
    Things I have read and heard from Apple and other sources: firewire 800 going to make a comeback when Apple get off it’s ass to reimplement it with the new intel processor something that was skipped to get the lovely Macbooks on shelves. 2nd the Isight is bigger as a) cheaper to produce b) higher quality c) the larger lese can gather more light leading brighter pics.
    only gripe with the machine extra resolution loss though no big deal though only flaw that probably wont be altered.

  30. I just orderd my Macbook Pro 1.83ghz with 7100rpm sata drive. cant wait to get hold of it. estimated dispatch date 28th of Febuary. would be nice to know what specs the mac in the video had?

  31. Sam: The MacBook Pro at the expo were said to be pretty maxed out… with 2gb ram. Not sure about other specs though, but you should be really happy with your new Mac 🙂

  32. it would be my first time to buy a portable and there are serious considerations, or should i say hesitations, in buying a macbook pro…

    1. Is the Windows XP on a Macbook Pro susceptible to viruses and spywares? I’ve been struggling with keeping my PC spyware and virus-free, and one main reason why I want to switch to Mac is the absence of spyware attacks.

    2. I am currently taking up CCNA and seriously considering CCNP afterwards. My professors who are proficient with both platforms advised against purchasing a Mac is I really am serious with designing networks for Cisco. For one,there is no Boson Network Designer for Mac, and they say that I can do very limited things with a Mac. With the release though of Windows XP on a Mac, is this limitation a thing of the past? If Bootcamp were not invented and there is no way that I can boot WinXP on a Mac, should I heed the recommendations of my professors to stick with Microsoft (or Linux)?

    Thanks a lot!

  33. The 75mb video doesnot work.
    I only can hear sound in Winamp but dont see the video.
    WMP doesnot play it at all.
    I have WMP 10 with mp4 codecs installed.
    How can i make it work????

    Anybody please help ;-(

  34. Shows how much he knows, the remote will actually stick to the display magnets, if you want to just place it somewhere for a bit!!

  35. I have experienced the MBP running VERY hot in top left corner and underneath. Almost too hot to touch, but this is when running processor and RAM intensive operations in video encoding.

    I have found that it is a lot better when used not attached to mains power

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