Tired Macworld Reporter @ Galleria Park Hotel

Macworld Report @ Galleria Park Hotel
The Sony M1 is so badly designed; it requires a cradle just to get a USB connection port.
Here you see a Sony PSP used as an expensive memory card reader for the Powerbook.

I’m too tired to report tonight (something to do with adjusting to 3hr time difference), but I’ve managed to capture interesting Macworld Expo photos and videos (w/ some interviews) showcasing real-time application speeds on the new MacBook Pro and Intel iMac. I’m editing the video as we speak. Sorry for the delay, but stay tuned for more real soon!

4 thoughts on “Tired Macworld Reporter @ Galleria Park Hotel

  1. kevin, not that you’d ever part with it, but i’d pay you good money for that hat. hope you’re having fun, you lucky Reporter. – jennimi

  2. I got that black Apple cap as a Christmas gift, and I have a beige one which I bought long ago from the Apple Employee Store in Cupertino. If you like, you could try looking on thinkdifferent.com if they have it on sale.

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