Off to Macworld Expo in San Francisco

Macworld 2006 Packing ListCheapHack: Sony UMDs in Altoids tin

I’m off to Macworld Expo in a few hours time. Gonna catch some zzz now before the flight at 10.30am via United Airlines (I’m accumulating mileage). After one layover at Washington DC, I should be arriving in San Fran at 3.20pm (PST). If you haven’t realized, I’ll miss Steve Job’s announcements entirely and even though I’ll be on the ground at 12.30pm, I doubt I’ll get wifi at the Washington stop. I hope to get whatever announcements I can via email and web on my Sidekick II phone. Once I reach westside, I’ll be moblogging at Macworld and around SF for the week. Stay tuned via Flickr tag: Macworld

How I’ve organized my carry ons
1. Overhead luggage: Five days’ worth of clothing and toiletries
2. Shoulder Sling bag: Sony M1 (video/photo camera), Sony PSP and 12″ Powerbook
3. Wearables: Besides a book on writing, I’m also bringing my UMDs stored in an Altoids tin

1. So far a fellow Singapore blogger working in Mountain View, CA offered to meet me at Macworld. I can’t wait to ask him what he does for a living. Sorry, no links until I’m sure he’s ok with publicity.
2. shows a lot of grassroots organized geek parties surrounding Macworld.
3. Jason Shellen, Google Reader’s Product Manager, is organizing a Macworld SF Blogger lunch.

UPDATE: Some photos of the Macworld preparations have emerged… let’s see, try to spot Quark’s new logo and Steve Jobs getting into an expensive car.

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