How to improve your Technorati Blog Finder ranking

How to improve your Technorati Blog Finder ranking
These are examples of tags I use to describe my claimed blog on Technorati to get more traffic

If you’ve tried the TechnoratiTopDog exercise earlier, you would have figured out where your blog ranks in the search results. If the results aren’t impressive to you, here’s a way to improve your chances of being found, which leads to more visitors discovering your blog.

Before we go further, note that you’re now making your way into the business of SEO (aka Search Engine Optimization). While it sounds complicated, this particular exercise makes it pretty easy and may yield immediate results.

If you have a decent amount of links pointing to your blog (i.e. inbound links or inlinks), you should appear on the first few pages of any Technorati Blog Finder search result. There’s a high chance that you’re not happy with the results, so here’s what you can do to improve it:

1. Go to your Technorati claimed blogs
2. Hit “Configure Blog” button next to your blog title
3. On the “Configuring blog” page (see picture above), add or replace your low-ranking tags search results with relevant variations of tags you want
4. You can put in up to 20 so do make use of them all
5. Search your new tags on Blog Finder
6. Repeat the process until you find rewarding tags which rank you highly

The idea is to strike a balance. The more obscure your tag is, the “less crowded” it will be in that area, which increases your chances of appearing on top. However if your tag is too obscure, few people will ever search of it. The best situation would be to try ensure that the tag/category is relevant to your blog and it’s something that people are likely to search for. For example, if you don’t rank high with the tag “Singapore”, try other iterations of it which people would search for such as “Singaporean” or “SG”.

Let me know if you’ve found this useful or if you have better tips via the comments.

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  1. I see a lot of these two colored badges for blog communities. Do they have specific tags to create? If so anything for Buffalo NY bloggers that you might know?

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