Starting the “TechnoratiTopDog” meme…

I started theory.isthereason around late 2004 so it’s been just over a year old now. Since then I’ve discovered some interesting Technorati-related statistics about my blog, including how my blog is now Top 5 in Academia, Research, Communication, as well as in Buffalo (though I’m in the Top 20 for a New York blog). Besides this, I managed to come in as a Top 10 blog in Singapore, as well as in Gaming and Productivity (I’m a productive gamer?).

I’m passing this TechnoratiTopDog meme to Elia Diodati, RamblingLibrarian and Preetam Rai, but anyone can try too. Just tag your post accordingly.

Try this out for yourself
1. Make sure you’ve claimed your blog on Technorati and given it 20 relevant tags (Learn how here)
2. Go to Technorati Blog Finder
3. Search for the tags you’ve given your blog (e.g. Singapore, librarian)
4. Write down how well you rank in that area (it’s listed by authority)
5. Rinse and Repeat until you exhaust all your relevant tags
6. Blog the results, tag “technoratitopdog” and pass it to three others
*I’ll update this post with link to your “technoratitopdog” posts

How this idea came about
Technorati searches account for a decent amount of traffic to my blog, so learning how my blog appears in the search results matters. After Paul Stamatiou blogged about his Technorati ranking by category (he’s got a Top 20 Tech blog), he inspired me to stage my own “blog ranking awards” by searching for my blog via Blog Finder on Technorati like he did. It’s great for us bloggers to stroke our own ego even if we don’t qualify for any Weblog Awards ­čśŤ

Coming Soon
How to improve your Technorati Tag/Category Ranking…

UPDATE: On second thoughts, this might not be a good idea for a meme, since it’s too complicated. Still, it makes for a useful exercise for increasing your blog’s visibility.

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