Men Are From Google, Women Are From Yahoo!

Men are from Google, Women are from Yahoo! Jason Lee Miller of recently gave the above title for his summary of the Pew Internet year-end report on How Women and Men Use the Internet (I couldn’t help but put together the graphic on the left!). While the 54 page report reveals a ton of statistics on men vs. women internet usage, perhaps a key theme we can take from it is this:

“Men like the internet for the experiences it offers, while women like it for the human connections it promotes.”

Both sexes appreciate the internet’s strongest suit: Efficiency. Deborah Fallows of Pew Internet puts it best when she said “Both men and women approach with gusto online transactions that simplify their lives by saving time on such mundane tasks as buying tickets or paying bills”. Yes, I do all my online banking with gusto, swinging my Popeye arms as I pay all my credit card bills!

Both sexes also appreciate the internet’s second strongest suit: Limitless Information. However both have different approaches to this. Men reach farther and wider for topics (e.g. financial to political news) by working search engines more aggressively than women. Women prefer not to deal with the vast online information “glut” and instead prefer to concentrate on their greatest interest (e.g. health and religion). Instead of search engines, women rely more on social networks such as through support groups and personal email exchanges.

You can see Jason Miller’sand Pew Internet’s summary, or view the entire report (PDF)

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