CurrentStatus: I think I am allergic to work today…

char siew bao
Elia sez: Buying char siew pao to bring home and the two-for-$1 promotion just made the sale sweeter!

Currently Feeling
The pounding headache I’m getting on my first day of work for 2006 reaffirms my notion that we actually have “two minds”: the conscious mind (e.g. what you think) and the unconscious mind (e.g. how your body behaves). While I could usually convince myself that working is one of the joys of life, my body somehow reacted differently today, as if it spoke of a version of truth I didn’t know. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that I escaped my windowless office space just days ago (i.e. travelling around Canada). Regardless of my plight, I continued to battle mind over matter in order to get work done, even though the thought of taking a half day leave did cross my mind. I take solace in the fact that a few of good things happened to me today which I’m about to share…

Currently Working
The amount of appreciation I get each day at work and through my blog makes up for any bad feelings I might have. My work involves helping university faculty members with their various technological needs, which comes through via instructional teaching and one-on-one supervision. You can tell that there’s so much we take for granted in our technical abilities, just looking at someone who recently attained digital enlightenment. They glow with joy. They glow with new imaginary meaning as to what else they could possibly achieve now that they’ve learnt how to set up their first web site, how to start their first academic blog, or even how to produce their first DVD video for their class. I get a kick whenever I realize that I have that distinct opportunity to make an average of one person a day happy. I’m happier when I can make that into two (which I did today).

At work, I helped an architecture librarian setup her first subject resources web site, which looks simple, but is awesome for someone just starting out. This was her second day and it was then that she told me she could now do it on her own. I felt as as if I was watching a baby learn to run from crawl in just two days. Via my blog, fellow blogger Steve Dembo IMs me for help with his postings, and even though we didn’t know each other personally, that connection made a difference. He now happily hacks deeper into his bag of tricks while I walk away knowing that I gave someone a boost of confidence with just a few minutes of my attention. Both these people thanked me for my invaluable help, but I have them to thank for appreciating me. Moral of the story: Attention and Appreciation are highly sought after in today’s economy. If you can afford to give either, make it so.

Currently Weathering
Buffalo’s winter seems to be letting up with a little sunlight left after we left work. It’s a mild three degree celsius now.

Currently Eating
• Yesterday’s Lunch: Penny’s first go at making Kong Bah Bao (definitely NSFW).
• Today’s Dinner: Penny and I went for Mexican food at Don Pablos. Like friends, we tend to give bad food a second chance and I think we just reconfirmed our suspicions that either Mexican just isn’t our thing, or Don Pablos sucks. We had the $11.95 four course meal deal and even though everything tasted ok, it wasn’t spectacular. The finishing move consisted of their Fried Ice Cream, which tastes weirder than it looks. Somehow moist fried dough in cold ice cream don’t play well together.

Currently Playing
A guy working at the campus Subway eatery calls me a SOCOM freak…
Me: “Are you playing SOCOM on your PSP?”
Subway Guy: “Yeah, how did you know?”
Me: “I can tell by the sounds”
Subway Guy to his friend: “Dude’s a SOCOM freak man!”
– In America, when someone calls you a freak, it’s a good thing 😛

Currently Wishing
How to make my own RSS Dashboard Widget DONE!
How to make a Konfabulator widget (it’s actually harder than the Dashboard one!)

Currently Thanking
A big bear hug to the friends I made on the blogosphere in 2005, including:
Rambling Librarian, Mr Wang Says So, straydog scraps, Paul Stamatiou, Sacrelicious!, Drunken Panda, Elia Diodati, Brennan, riceandsoup, Balderdash, Naddie, Cockroach, Shirster, Tribolum, Heather, Jennimi as well as the blogless ones like MrBigLive and iCheerful.

15 thoughts on “CurrentStatus: I think I am allergic to work today…

  1. I just discovered your blog today when searching for instructions on how to add a daily delicious post to a wordpress blog. I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts, and I know I’ll be back to read more! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Shanon: Though how-to posts like those are like “money”, I’m mixing it up with a little bit of this and a little bit of that just to spice things up. 🙂

  3. Actually, I have been here a few times. But didnt leave any comments.

    Thanks for the visit. Yes, I am documenting real events happening around in the form of a novel.

  4. wah, bao… I want also.. but i am vegetarian can’t eat char siew. heh. 🙂 Anyways, hugs to you and penny too! so cute the pic.. hehe..

  5. Your help truly was invaluable to me. And the great thing is that I know I’ll be able to return the favor. The ten minutes you spent helping me out is going into an educational project that is going to wind up affecting hundreds of teachers, which in turn will hopefully improve those teacher’s ability to educator thousands of students.

    The world may be flattening, but it isn’t just technology that’s making it happen. It’s people like you who are willing to lend a hand to somebody they had never heard of a few minutes before.

  6. We actually gave Don Pablo’s two chances too, but that was two too many. I don’t understand how they can continue to have people come to that place. The first time just sucked, the second made me sick.

    I assure you that DPs is not at all representative of Mexican food. I am not a picky person when it comes to Mexican, I don’t mind a little Tex Mex (a la Chevy’s), though I love authentic Mexican. Unfortunately, it simply does not exist in Buffalo. The closest you are likely to come is Cinco de Mayo, across from Buca di Beppos on Union road in Cheektowaga.

    But, next time you are in Chicago or NYC, ask around for a decent Mexican place. Or better yet, grab a flight to Mexico at some point: it’s expensive to get down there, but once you are there, you can stay and eat fairly inexpensively. And it’s warm :).

  7. GhOst: Keep it up… you’ve got something unique building on your blog. Make a fake book cover just to get the idea across.

    Brennan: I hear you. Web 2.0 is so in right now, evenyone’s doing it. What we need now is a “Web 2.0 Song & Dance”.

    Heather: Glad to finally be able to “see” you. Penny can make vegetarian baos for you next time.

    Steve: Good Lord… the cascading effect in full swing! Do keep me posted via your blog. 🙂

    Alex H: OK, glad we’re not the only ones. We’ll look for other Mexican eateries to sink our teeth in. Thanks!

  8. And I’m excluded? And I’m given no love at all? WTF?

    … right, we don’t really know each other. I just like being random.

  9. Kevin, glad to meet you on the B-sphere as well, and in real life around campus. 🙂 sorry i was so busy at the ASL Christmas party!

    Kevin and Alex H: Buffalo DOES have some good Mexican: Cozumel on Elmwood near Allen has a bar and a restaurant (skip the novelty item of cactus strips). the bar crowd can be loud but the food, in my experience, has been decent, and the place has that nice Elmwood village feel. they have a good variety, and those not into so much cheese can order their burritos “dry”. also i have been told that the cesar salads are wonderful, but i am not a salad person.

    the best burritos in the B-Lo are at Edritos. they used to be on Elmwood but unfortunately are now only downtown at Fountain Plaza and only serve for lunch. the ingredients are always fresh and the guac is unparalleled. vegetarians you can get a veg burrito with rice, beans and squash. yum! two of you can split one burrito. they’re huge and reasonable.

    you just need to leave the burbs and head into the city! LOL!

  10. Jean & MrWang: Yes, blog-related friends whom I’ve talked to from time to time, especially for certain magical instances where we’ve shared a connection.

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