Signing up for Flickr Pro // Tossing away .Mac


I’ve been staring at this Flickr Pro account upgrade for the longest time. Having used Flickr on a daily basis, especially in conjection with my T-mobile Sidekick 2 phone, I just might have to spend that $24.95 for 2006. I wish I could dump my .Mac account ($99 annually!) but I’ve used that email address for everything and I have a ton of photos and videos on the .mac homepage. This year I guess I’ll start backing everything up and switch to Gmail and Flickr entirely. In the mean time, Flickr’s giving my credit card a workout tonight…

One thing though: I still can’t buy my way out of being blocked by SafeSurf this year (see Cockroach’s post)

UPDATE: Strangely after signing up for Flickr Pro and dumping 70+ photos into my fourth Photo Set, Flickr started announcing that their servers were running hot. Many others must have joined my new year’s rush to upload photos.

2 thoughts on “Signing up for Flickr Pro // Tossing away .Mac

  1. lol… i finally gave up and bought myself a pro account as a birthday present to myself, despite having a picture blogging program of some sorts on our web host.

    both the friends that i have there (because i link my friends there) and the ease of usage since i was on blogspot and more made it the choice for me. i am not exactly a techie person, and i don’t want to bug my boyfriend too much if i have a problem with the webhost’s version of album programs. furthermore, it’s kinda on it’s own, so if our webhost ever went down, it’s still there.

    i guess you can say… i gave my bank account a work out too. but it’s for the best, at least for me ­čÖé

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