Blogger Elia Diodati visits Buffalo

Travelling Buffalo @ 29th Dec 2005

After yesterday’s post-Christmas dinner with our American colleagues and finalizing of the Tomorrow widget, I totally forgot to write about the visit of our mysterious friend, Elia Diodati. This is the second time we’ve caught up since my recorded interview with him during our New York City trip on the 4th of July.

Penny and I picked Elia up on a wet Thursday night at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport and whisked him to our humble home (which he describes in detail). Here’s a quick summary of what we did on today (Friday) in Buffalo…

Thanks to a strange sleepless night, I awoke late, much to our guest’s wonder. In a flash, I washed up and took him to our first stop: The University at Buffalo. I showed him the modern libraries at North campus, as well as the historic buildings in the South Campus (see photo).

We went for lunch at the ever wonderful “Uncle John No. 1”; the Hong Kong chef who single-handedly saves the reputation of Chinese food in Buffalo (Elia called this the non-basterdized version). We had three delicious dishes: Brisked Beef Noodles, Pork Hor Fun and Yang Chow Fried Rice (see photo).

Finally made it to the Albright-Knox Art Gallery. Even though it was free on Friday from 3-10pm, the contemporary Chinese art series called “The Wall” wasn’t. Seeing that it was worth it, we paid the $10 student rate and enjoyed the various artist installations on display (see photo).

Drove over to Niagara Falls where we met Elia’s family and had a wonderful Japanese dinner at Taki’s. There we traded life stories and discussed our New Year’s Day plans to be spent in Canada.

I’m going to sleep earlier today as Penny and I are going over to Toronto tomorrow for some authentic Malaysian food as discovered by Elia’s mom and dad. Yums!

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  1. Zhiyang: Would invite you to join us, but alas you’re too far away! The Canadian trip after this was even better… photos to come!

    Elaine: Penny has perfect teeth, while mine’s a dentist’s nightmare! 😛

    Nello: The security guard came after us, as well as other photographers too. It was everyone for themselves!

    gecko: Are you referring to Restoran Malaysia? That was our first stop!

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