Dashboard Widget released! Dashboard Widget released!
A Huge Thank You to beta-testers iCheerful, Peter, and FreshJive

Dedicated to…
This dashboard widget is my little token of appreciation to the team for all the work they’ve put in for 2005. Through the trials and tribulations, they have been doing the thankless task of serving the interests of our Singapore blogosphere.

Who would use this?
This Tomorrow widget is meant for those of us who want to know the latest ongoings of, but refuse to deal with RSS feeds or having to repeatedly refresh the web site. The widget will automatically refresh every 15mins to give you the newest posts. Note that the widget only works on Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger) and above. If enough people make noise, I’ll make a Windows version as well.

How do I use this?
Clicking on any of the posts will bring you to the relevant web page on the Tomorrow’s blog. Clicking on the bottom text brings you to the relevant sites as well.

How do I Install the widget?
1. Download (333kb)
2. Double-click to uncompress the file on your desktop
3. Double-click on the “Tomorrow.wdgt” to install
4. That’s it!

Being my first widget, I’d like to hear what you think through the comments…

UPDATE: Thanks to Brennan for recommending this on
UPDATE 2: Re-download if you wish for the new version without the “MacDaddy” text.

16 thoughts on “ Dashboard Widget released!

  1. Looks clean and good to use. Don’t make windoz version, ask them to switch over and give away the heavier version of Tomorrow widget as freebies 😛

    PS: I took a peek at your resume, I found that we are from the same poly.

  2. interesting that someone developed this…
    unfortunately, I’ve stopped looking into tomorrow for some time now… (:

    merry new year kevin!

  3. Nadine: Haha… Merry New Year to you too… and Surprise! That someone is me! To cater to those not interested in Tomorrow, I might make another widget featuring my pick of Singaporeans bloggers. I wonder what I should call it…

    oil: I totally agree, though some widgets are hard for me to resist (e.g. asteroids, pac-man, frogger). This is more of a fun widget for newbie bloggers in the Singapore scene.

  4. Whether it works or not, you rock man. Thanks for the work and for advancing mac-centricity in general in Sillypore

  5. Miyagi, mb, JackFlash: You’re welcomed! Hopefully I can get a Windows version out since enough people made noise. I like giving Mac users get first priority. 😀

  6. Make noise! Make noise! Make noise! Make noise! Make noise!
    Make noise! Make noise! Make noise! Make noise! Make noise!
    Make noise! Make noise! Make noise! Make noise! Make noise!
    Windows version please. Thanks.


  7. Dom: Too noisy already… I’ll make one for Windows but it’s won’t be so soon, since I’m really busy with work at the moment. 🙂

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