Understanding Riichiro Majima’s “Ski Jumping Pairs”

Ski Jumping Pair
This has got to be the queerest PSP UMD Video ever!

Jeff Chen of PSPupdates got word that “Ski Jumping Pair” is a hot fantasy CG product by Riichiro Majima. It seems to be a compilation of fantasy comedy scenes that all happened in ski jump games. Ski jumpers go in pairs in tandem on ONE pair of skis and perform all kinds of weird jumps. To top it off, you have highly exaggerated Japanese sports commentators running instant replays of the most dramatic moments.

This UMD Video (not a game) has already been released on December 21 (Price 2,800JPY) and is available in DVD format as well. You can watch the hilarious trailer here (It’s pretty long… just keep watching past the AVEX credits).

Is there a cult following for this sort of stuff?

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