This Year’s Gadget for Videographers (and Movie Pirates!)

Consus Hard Drive Divx Player

Isaiah of Visualise Media recently introduced me to his new toy, the Consus Hard Drive Divx Player. Being a freelance videographer, he finds it a great solution for those strange times when his clients lack a DVD player or even a DVD drive in their computer.

While the Consus Hard Drive Divx Player can handle most media formats, what really differentiates this device from others in the market is the sheer number of outputs it has. If his client has a television set, he simply plugs it into the RCA jacks. Otherwise, the device also plugs into the computer monitor via the VGA input. Yes people, the device comes with VGA Out!

Other than functioning as a portable HDD, the Consus plays back MP3 and photos with an IR remote, and features an OTG (On The Go) function which allow you transfer data without connecting to computer. I believe this refers to the “USB Host” function, which may make this usable as a backup drive for the Sony PSP and digital cameras.

While Isaiah finds the player very versatile, his only gripe is that he wished it had a pair of speakers. Other than the necessary cables, he brings along powered speakers just in case.

Specifications for the Consus HDD Divx Player include:
• AV Playback function, suits MPEG4, DVD, VCD, MP3, CD etc and JPEG images
• Editing function available – copy, remove, rename, delete files / folders in HDD
• 9 picture playback functions with 12 playback transition effects to choose from
• CVBS and VGA video output, can be connected to TV or computer display
• Search playback, Repeat playback, A-B segment repeat playback function
• Available with 40GB / 60GB / 80GB (on 2.5″ IDE HD)
• Includes an IR remote
• Compatible with Mac and Windows

If you’re interested in getting one, it’s distributed online for S$199 (or US$119.50) via Gajah International. Not sure if there’s a U.S. distributor for it yet, so do let me know if you find one.

15 thoughts on “This Year’s Gadget for Videographers (and Movie Pirates!)

  1. Pardon the shameless plug… but my shop sell something similar – abeit a 3.5″ one.

    We have one similar to the Consus ariving next year btw…

  2. Do note that it only support FAT32. If you have hard disk more than 32 GB, you will need to partition it. The root menu can only read the first partition.

    Hence, if your notebook hard disk is more than 32 GB, you are out of luck.

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