What’s so Merry about Christmas?

What's so Merry about Christmas?
Photo from Chris Barr’s meditative 17minutes videocast

[While reading this, play Filthy Little Christmas] Being in Buffalo sure gives me a good experience of what a White Christmas is, but does it have to be this cold? With no family here, only the feeling of life being sucked out of me with every cold winds that passes, I wonder what the rest of us Singaporeans are doing in America… let’s have a look!

For Christmas
Some of us are travelling across the States…
Like Manas Gupta, Virginian Virgin, To a child dancing in the wind, and The Misguided Soul

Some of us play with holiday economics…
Like Olandario and Bob

Some break into strange poetry…
Like Tales From Chambana

Some started eating/drinking a lot…
Like A Grain of Sand and Merlion in US

Some have office parties…
Like Penny in a Nutshell and Theory is the Reason

Then there are some of us with nothing better to do than to see life pass around them…

To the rest of you back home in Singapore enjoying the warmth of family, Merry Christmas!
To the those of us stuck in the cold, Keep Warm!

7 thoughts on “What’s so Merry about Christmas?

  1. jennimi purposely spent the weekend alone in the beautiful quiet winter wonderland of Allegany State Park… since she uses old school photography methods (as in, film) the pix will have to wait. saw hawks aplenty, deer, and the most glorious night sky unpolluted by the city’s lights. no Internet. no phone. no car horns. no grades. just the snow and the woods. perfection.

    hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.

  2. For the record, I was NOT drinking alot as Kevin depicted. It was my first shot in 15 years, in addition, the boss was buying. I am not a drunk. I am not in denial. I have been misunderstood. Well the guys had a good chuckle this morning, when I stepped into my office.

    Allow me to repeat: I was NOT drinking a lot!
    Only 1 shot of Wild Turkey Bourbon.

  3. By the way this is not cold. This is just the beginning baby!!
    I have been here for over 15 years, what are you going to do when it gets cold. At least you city dwellers do not have as much to worry about as the rest of America.

  4. Maverickmerlion: One shot and you puked? Sorry lah… from your story I thought you downed a lot that day *chuckle* Oh, where I live in Buffalo. Wanna compare who’s side is colder? šŸ™‚

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