8 thoughts on “It’s Christmas, not X’mas stupid!

  1. Xmas=Christmas. Same thing.

    NYC was in the high 50s today. Would have kept me at home in front of a fireplace in Cali, but now that I have been tempered by a few Buffalo winters, it feels pretty warm :).

  2. We know Christmas = X’mas, but being non-religious myself, it’s my subtle tribute to the debacle about the right choice of words being Christmas, X’mas or even Holiday. Heard about the multi-faction consumerism war happening over NPR and you can see one example here: Companies Ban ‘Christmas,’ Not Worried About Backlash

    Oh, it’s a nice 40F this evening. Indeed, is Antarctica taking any research volunteers?

  3. Thanks for dropping by guys!

    Shirster: I had a Japanese friend drop by Buffalo and he didn’t say that, though I think he thought that. I’m psychic. 😛

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