Top 5 viral videos to cure boredom

Of all the video sharing web services, it looks like YouTube is right on the money with their video sharing and embedding features. It’s no surprise that viral videos are easier to watch now thanks numerous video submissions to it. Here’s my top pick of viral videos making rounds this week:

Blood on the Carpet (Mortal Kombat)Blood on the Carpet (Bloody Funny)
This is the first time that a complaint over a viral ad campaign has been upheld by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). An online video ad for computer game Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks has been slammed by the ASA as glorifying violence. It features a boardroom scene in which a Mr Linn, the mysterious trouble-shooter, instructs two men to fight. (Full Story via The Register)

The Chronic of Narnia Rap (SNL)The Chronic(les) of Narnia (Musically Hilarious)
Now a Saturday Night Live (SNL) skit called “Lazy Sunday”, two white dudes (reminiscent of The Beastie Boys) rap like mad hatters about the Chronicles of Narnia. Additional coolness due to references to MapQuest and Google Maps. Bloggers dig this! Just made it on iTunes as a free download!
(Hat tip to Alex, Clap Clap to BoingBoing)

PSP hacking Xbox360Sony PSP hacks Xbox360 (Geeky Fun)
This video is pretty strange in that it doesn’t really explain anything other than connecting a PSP to an Xbox360 and then starting a game, but the consensus is that it’s supposed to show the “hacker” running some burned copy of the game by using some homebrew running off the PSP. However, many have also agreed that the clip was edited at various points of the video. (Via PSP Updates)

The Passion of Benny HillThe Passion of Benny Hill (Definitely NSFW)
This video features scenes from The Passion of the Christ set to the Benny Hill Theme song. It’s a pretty disturbing remix released by Low Carb Comedy and the creators wish for viewers to note that they love Jesus; this piece was only poking fun at Mel Gibson’s film interpretation.
Definitely controversial stuff.

Star Trek: The New VoyagesStar Trek: The New Voyages (Totally Sci-fi)
There’s no more Star Trek on TV. Chris from the GoogleVideos Blog reports that through private funds, donations, and pro bono work, trekkie fans have now created 3 new episodes of their own show. The details and effects really are quite impressive for a fully independent production. They are currently producing 1 Star Trek episode each year.

UPDATE: More weirdness… a machinima on Scoble and Steve Rubel having a blogger conversation.