UB Librarians Gone Wild!

Librarian Tiki Party
Librarian Tiki PartyLibrarian Tiki PartyLibrarian Tiki PartyLibrarian Tiki PartyLibrarian Tiki Party

The entire University at Buffalo library department held their year end party “Tiki-style” at the Undergraduate Library’s Quiet Study Area yesterday (how appropriate!). For good measure, I snapped some camera-phone pictures of the ongoings. Even though I’m not a certified librarian myself, I work with them all the time being in the same building so they invited me to join in. I’d say the crowd was evenly mixed with the young and the old, and yes, I’ve never seen librarians gone this wild before. Many dressed for the occasion, which meant hawaiian shirts, straw skirts and even a waist attachable monkey. Needless to say there were lots of food, party games and chatting going on.

A few librarians chatted me up since they knew me from my blog-related listserv emails and my Buffalo News debut. I still can’t believe the editors splashed my face on the front page of the business section; Alex deserved more credit than me! Anyway, I got to meet Charles, a Business librarian who hoped to learn more blogging tips on creating and linking images. I also touchbased with Jim Milles (pictured above) who is the Associate Dean & Director of the Law Library. He’s been one of the few librarians I mentioned before who is seriously into podcasting. He runs his own show called “Check It Out!“, a weekly podcast on things related to law and libraries. I’ve invited him to co-present the upcoming ETC workshop on Podcasting for academics with me (details in Spring 2006).

radicalmilitantlibrarianOh by the way, if you notice carefully, Jim is wearing a neat little badge he designed through CafePress. It says “Radical Militant Librarian” and he says it’s been selling really well on his new Check This Out! webstore. He didn’t include any markup on the $1.25 price for the buttons and it looks like other librarians around the world are snapping this up like monkeys to bananas (hee hee!). Being a monkey myself, I demanded that Jim hand one over so now I’m a “Pseudo-Radical Militant Librarian”. Word.

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