Want Safari on Steroids? Get Shiira 1.2!


Chris Adamson put together a neat overview of Shiira, the Safari-based web browser made in Japan. While you’ve probably installed more than enough web browsers on your Mac already (Think Flock, Safari w/ Saft, Firefox, Omniweb, Opera, Camino), Shiira is really something else altogether and dare I say it’s really “Safari done Right!”.

There are a beavy of screenshots showing off what the new Shiira 1.2 is capable of on Shiira’s homepage, but here’s a quick list:

New 1.2 Features
RSS support (Like Safari, but with Sidebar and Growl support)
Page holder (Just add a link-heavy web page to the sidebar)
New application icon (Nice fishy!)
New sidebar design (Most multi-functional sidebar I’ve seen)
Sound effects (Play sounds upon page load or error)
Font smoothing switching

Standard Features
Tab Exposé (Just hit F8 to show all tabs!)
Page transition effect (Tiger only)
Open All Links in Tabs
Browse mode in the toolbar
Private browsing
Firefox bookmarks

There are more performance tricks under the hood, including how Shiira automatically uses your existing Safari bookmarks, so you maintain just one Safari bookmark list! It also works with Firefox bookmarks. Finally, you can also add themes to Shiira and although Shiira’s homepage shows some themes, the best one as shown above is one by hicksdesign (scroll to the middle until you see Shiira Theme).

Get Shiiraing Today!

2 thoughts on “Want Safari on Steroids? Get Shiira 1.2!

  1. I have been using shira. i am a big fan of japanese woodcut hence like the icon. its interesting to see so many mac developers in japan.

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