How to: Using Google to access restricted sites

Google Translate

Besides searching, you can now use Google as a quick, easy and free proxy to access restricted web sites.

Thanks to a smart yet simple idea, a little tutorial found on the italian site suggested translating a blocked web page using Google translator as a means to access it. The trick here is that you can choose to translate the page from English back to English so you can still read it! (Hat tip to bigthistle for that thought)

To make life easier, simply bookmark this link and replace [] with the URL of the site you intend to see:|en&u=[]

I wonder if this works for those of you blocked by StarHub’s SafeSurf service.

32 thoughts on “How to: Using Google to access restricted sites

  1. That’s why you guys RAWK!

    Matt: The shortcut comes in handy!

    Sacrelicious: Makes sense… instead of the domain name, even direct IPs might work. 🙂

  2. that google site doesnt work. why?? how else can you bypass a firewall, without having to dl any software such as firefox or httptunnel?

  3. Dear all

    Here in Saudi Arabia we are facing blocking of many “Shea” websites (Arabic websites)

    using “google translator” does not support Arabic script


    How can I access these sites ??

    Something else,

    using “google translator” for English restricted sites does not show the pictures


    Is there a way to show pics, too ??



  4. Does anyone know of a proxysite to use to get into Myspace? I used to use but then it got blocked too.??

  5. Hi Guys
    the first two solutions are not working for me.
    my network is blocking the sites even after…
    is there any other solution? plz let me know

  6. is there anyway to access a page where you have to plug in the password. I mean the page after putting the password in. I mean I got the page, but I cant get through after that because it is restricted.

  7. I can not access few sites like yahoo, rediff, gmail or orkut in my office. using okaydo I can go till home page but then cant access wesites. some1 can suggest me? any solutions?

  8. I’ve been dealing with lightspeed systems firewall blocker for a couple years… and so far no luck getting around it. Does anyone know how to get around it? It has blocked all proxys in existence and everything on info for them, I am really stumped. PLEASE HELP

  9. heres the thing starhub’s safesurf is implemented to annoy practically all starhub existing customer.there are sure many “safe” websites that are blocked by safesurf.hence the name “safe” surf keep a look out for myspace proxy that still works..they will last between a couple of hours to even days..and for godsake can someone please bring SAFESURF down! its more of a prick than a value added service…they can really do better than filtering every single website they deemed safe..screw starhub ppl!

  10. sir i’m a student of and many of the usefull sites are blocked in the computer can any one tell me any link which allows me to open the website and aceess it fully like orkut i am able to access it, i can read my scraps watch pictures but i am not able to reply any one, i’m also not able to accept friend request can u plz help me out

  11. hi everybody .
    my company closed its network internet , by using fingertips not by url .
    and its made it by levels , so manager can access any site they want , but others can not . i cant open 70% from sites , also no msn messenger

    and they made that levels by IP address

    anyway . is there anyway to can access , regadless changing IP

    1. U94.exe is best for school or company bypass websence. it will hide your ip and browsing sits data.

  12. U94.exe is best for school or company bypass websence. it will hide your ip and browsing sits data.

  13. U94.exe is best for school or company bypass websence. it will hide your ip and browsing sits data.

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