TypePad knocked out under blogosphere’s explosive growth

Typepad knocks out

According to The Register, users of Six Apart’s TypePad platform have suffered their worst outage yet, with bloggers left stranded for hours. Typepad users also had their past week’s worth of blog posts disappearing.

As of 3.10pm today, high profile bloggers still affected included Dilbert creator Scott Adams, PR blog guru Steve Rubel and even Singapore blogger king, Mr Brown. No wonder I haven’t heard from their blogs lately.

typepad rejectedTypePad, a hosted version of Six Apart’s Movable Type blogging software, is actually targeted for the corporate market, where a greater value is placed on uptime and reliability. According to NetCraft, TypePad’s been facing this problem for a while, which only got worse recently. While SixApart has issued several apologies, their users aren’t as forgiving… understandibly so since they’re paying good money for service. Many of them are mentioned about moving over to the WordPress platform.

If we can learn something from this, it’s how blogging is just exploding with exponential growth. Besides TypePad, other blog related services which have suffered before include Flickr (three outages so far) as well as Bloglines, a popular web-based RSS reader.

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