See you at the TechTV Holiday Meetup (Toronto)

techtv holiday meetup

This will be my first blogger / podcaster / videocaster meetup ever and I’m definitely looking forward to meeting some of the geek celebrities I subscribe to, including: Leo Laporte (Call For Help, TWiT, Security Now), Amber MacArthur (Call For Help, commandN), Frank Linhares (techPhile), and Steve Gibson (Security Now).

If you’re around Toronto at 7:00PM today, head over to the TechTV Holiday Meetup at:
No Regrets Restaurant (See Google Map)
219 Dufferin Street, Toronto, ON M6K 3J1, Canada
Tel (416) 535-0050

I’ll try to snap some pictures and field some questions at the event.

UPDATE: I really wanted to go, but I’m not anymore. The freezing rain sucks.