CurrentStatus: Behind the scenes at theory.isthereason

The “CurrentStatus” series will be a real-time snapshot of what I’m doing at the moment. Sorta like a quick blog when I have no time because either work’s piled up mile high, my laptop battery’s dying, or I just need a break. Think of this as behind the scene at theory.isthereason…

Currently Reading
28 Firefox + 23 Camino browser windows
11 RSS articles on Netnewswire

Currently Blogging
How-to: Ten Ways to Survive without your own Laptop
18 links yet to

Currently Working
A client’s huge web site to update manually… urgh!

Currently Playing
Far Cry: Instincts (Xbox)

Currently Listening
General Midi – Good To Go (Distinct’Ive label)

Currently Inspiring
Just returned from Jia Lin’s dissertation defense on “Blogs and the City: Weblogs as Indicators of Urban Culture in America” (remotely defended via Skype). Biggest contribution of paper: Establishing a methodology for geographically locating blogs through available information such as standard profiles, local weather links and domain name server registration.

Currently Thanking
Amber from the CommandN videocast for featuring my blog
• Cockroach for pointing out that I’m blocked
• LancerLord for saying that SafeSurf is value for money (more blocks for your dollar… haha!)
• Penny for feeding me thumbprint cookies

UPDATE on Dec 14th 2005
Elia Diodati has turned this post into a meme!

4 thoughts on “CurrentStatus: Behind the scenes at theory.isthereason

  1. Hey Kevin, great posts! iBook in the shop so have been off my RSS feeds. Keep it up!

    I enjoy the analytical posts. A statistic you cannot capture – how often you are mentioned in conversations or seminars about blogs. I do that often!

  2. Thank you for letting me know what is happening in your life… I really care.

    I’m off to have some good ol’ Singaporean food!!!

  3. Otterman: Now I know who to blame lah! 😛

    mrbiglive: You really care? Wow, for that you will always have a special place in my heart. 😉

    jenn: Her dissertation defence looked to be pretty harrowing… no wonder none of my classmates wanted to see. They’d panic!

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