Little Brother’s WishList: Schecter S-1 Elite Guitar


Schecter S1 $599My younger brother loves playing the guitar and he’s even got his own band. It’s only fitting that this Christmas, I’m helping him get something which is apparently rare in Singapore. He wants me to get this Schecter S1-Elite guitar (Black Cherry finish). All the stores have it for around $599.

Consulting my guitar fiend MrBig (pictured on right), he said that this particular guitar is of quality build (made in Korea), not high on features, but looks damn good for someone who is into the heavy kind of sounds (e.g. Stone Temple Pilots). When I went to my neighborhood Guitar Center to look for it, it felt as if I were in a museum but instead of paintings, I saw art on metal and wood. Wall after wall of beautiful guitars were hung like handcrafted canvases on display. Anyhow, shipping the guitar to Singapore is going to cost a bunch since it’s rather big in terms of weight and size. Anyone out there ever transported a guitar internationally before?

BTW: If anyone want to taste a little slice of Singapore’s music scene, watch my friend’s wacky music video for the Boredphucks – Ballad of Tabitha.

6 thoughts on “Little Brother’s WishList: Schecter S-1 Elite Guitar

  1. Wah such a coincidence … my new bass i picked up in Aug was also a schecter!! the omen-4 …

    Does the real guitar actually have a white outline along the body? My doesn’t but it had one on the website…Look much more cooler 😛

  2. I don’t remember seeing that white outline… I think it’s more of a metal trimming of sorts. These guitars really have quality finish to them!

  3. Even without the ability to play the guitar, I still got that attitude… bad one leh. “Anti-authority” & “Organisational Maverick”, would you believe it?

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