I’m now blocked by StarHub’s SafeSurf…

I'm now blocked by StarHub's SafeSurf

Cockroach noted that my site is now blocked by StarHub’s SafeSurf program so Singaporeans under this service can no longer visit my blog. I’m curious how this happened and more importantly, why?

Is this a common occurance for the rest of your blogs?

UPDATE 12th Dec 2005: According to StarHub’s SafeSurf FAQ, they don’t maintain the list of filtered sites. Instead, it’s taken care off by their software vendor, SmartFilter. PeaceFire.org lists educational sites that have been indescriminately blocked by SmartFilter as well. Not that smart is it?

24 thoughts on “I’m now blocked by StarHub’s SafeSurf…

  1. Jeffyen: Starbug? Hahaha… are you in the SafeSurf program?

    Brennan: I take it that your blog is blocked too?

    I’m now inspired to see if I can offer some tips on circumventing SafeSurf and other IP blocking programs for other “blocked bloggers”. 😛

  2. My blog’s not blocked. But it seems to me that Starhub’s filtering system isn’t being monitored upon – to the extent it even filters out the safe sites.

    Oh well. Probably the technicians are slacking on the job again. 😛

  3. Lucky I no subscribe to it. Else I have to resort to bloglines to read your blog.

    Since it blocks so many things, it not only is a value-added service, it is also value for money. kekeke…

  4. For some strange reason, I can no longer access your blog from my office computer. And yours is the only blog so far that I can’t access from there.

  5. What’s this blog about?
    Read the thoughts of Kevin Lim as he ponders about social technology. He’s a Mac cult leader who ……………..

    Maybe “laghub” employ not so intelligent filter bots and happens to add the word ‘cult’ as a no go for safer surfers?

  6. Oh man, I must be serving soft porn as appetizer, slanted perspectives on the politics of technology as main entree, and practising niche forms of religions for dessert.

    Either that or someone in Singapore finds me too dangerous! 😛

  7. Hey hey mines even more worse!Every of my friends blog is all blocked!How to off or unsubscribe this stupid safesurf?!

  8. I can kind of understand, but it’s really annoying…I can’t even access my deviantart anymore, because darrrrling Starhub SafeSurf won’t let me access deviantart. Which is kind of stupid, because if people are truthful and register their birth age properly, they’ll have filters imposed on things they aren’t supposed to see anyway. 🙁

  9. Curses! Starhub Safesurf has indeed blocked a multitude of legitimate sites, claiming to protect us from unwanted “nudity.” Just read the URL when the Safesurf notifies you “The website you are trying to access has been blocked…” You’d think there was a sudden deluge of internet porn. Who put the most paranoid of prudes in charge of deciding what we can and can’t surf?

    Aside from Deviantart where I have an account, Safesurf has also blocked the online version of The Sun newspaper from the UK, the BoingBoing blog and Maxim’s website. Granted, Maxim is a lad’s magazine, and why ban their website if you aren’t going to petition our government to ban the magazine from local bookstores too? They aren’t Playboy, (and being a girl) I’m quite sure they do not publish nudes in their magazine or on their website. I’m not looking forward to discovering what other sites I used to browse freely Safesurf now blocks.

    So it’s SmartFilter’s job to maintain the list of banned sites, but this reflects poorly on Starhub, and even on Singapore once overseas media catches wind of this. Please. I’m calling this a useless “value-added service”. Let parents of young childen opt for this service instead of pushing it on every one of us already old enough to decide!

  10. Btw, it should be simple to rectify the problem – find out your MaxOnline customer number (and perhaps your cable modem MAC ID somethingathingy) and call StarHub’s 24-hour Customer Care at 1633 to cancel the Safesurf service. They’ve provided it free to MaxOnline Premium/Ultimate customers till December 2008. So unless your parents are responsible for subscribing to Safesurf and/or you’re still underaged, you can fix it!

    I never noticed this annoying implement till today while browsing community blogs. Starhub – thanks but this is something that should strictly be “opt in” for families with young children; inconveniencing every single subscriber of yours isn’t going to win you a medal for public spiritedness.

  11. gaaah safesurf sucks! my deviantart’s blocked too.
    thanks mizu, you’ve saved my life 😀 haha.

  12. Hey guys, try this one!
    After all, Starhub’s Safesurf CANNOT block the websites if it is running on a secure server (https://…).
    Hope this works!
    (There are some limitations: no downloads over 200k, only 60 websites allowed per five hours etc. but it DOES circumvent “Stupid Starhub’s Safesurf Scam”.)

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