Today’s Links: For a brighter smile…

Andy's Small Sushi Boat @ Taki
Cheered myself up by going for Sashimi (CAN$22). Meanwhile, my friend got this Sushi Boat (CAN$45).

4 thoughts on “Today’s Links: For a brighter smile…

  1. Is that sushi boat for one? If so, your friend certainly has a hearty appetite.
    I wonder how the quality of sashimi/sushi in US is like…:p

  2. Haha, it is for one and yes, my friend can really eat. Taki is a great authentic Japanese restaurant and I’ve tried a few places, so I can say it’s pretty high quality. BTW, it’s by the Niagara Falls, Canada.

  3. That sushi boat looks good to eat. It’s funny how everytime I see sushis from overseas, they are somewhat different from real Japanese sushi. It’s like finding Singaporean food overseas, but somewhat not the same as the real stuff at home ­čÖé

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