I’m pretty badly shaken today…

Snowy day

Perhaps this is an expected lifecycle of an everyday blogger… If so, this pretty much sucks.
– Me

No, I didn’t died today, but it almost felt as if I did. I really don’t feel that blogging has brought me the kind of joy it used to anymore. The snowy photo above was taken today, which reflects how depressed I am by the state of things in the blogosphere…

One of my recent posts and comments on certain blogs drew unwanted attention and I understand that I’m now on at least one important person’s hate list. The unhappy people in question have not spoken to me directly, but I wish they did so we could clear any misunderstandings.

I have my points of view which may be unpopular, but ones which I feel as significant. Based on this, please don’t resort to dissent or private lynching just because I’m speaking out for what I believe in. I don’t have the luxury of a huge fan base to support me so I’m really putting myself on the line for this one.

Things I’ve said are public and ready for anyone’s rebuttal. Furthermore, I’ve even put my namesake on the line by using my real identity when I blog, so do have the decency to approach me directly.

I have my contact information available on this blog so I’m always ready to listen to anyone in private. As part of the deal, I expect both parties to be accepting to new ideas and provide a level of affordance for mistakes. Most importantly, try to spend the time to know me in person. It’s harder to hate someone you know who cares.

17 thoughts on “I’m pretty badly shaken today…

  1. Everything we post have a chance of getting praised or flamed. Some people are civil about it; some not so. It’s natural to feel down. But shrug it off. We live and we learn. And we learn who’s worth listening to (even though the admonishments are painful) who to ignore.

  2. You guys are really important to me. Thanks for your encouraging emails and comments. I don’t think I’ll ever forget this incident. The unhappy people have not come forward to talk to me directly, but I guess I’m not going to disclose anything further as I don’t wish to poison the well. To be on the safe side, I’m going to now focus my blog on social techology and nothing more. Hope everyone’s happier this way.

  3. Hi! It’s my first time posting a message here, via Takchek’s blog. Don’t really know what happened but here`s something to share, because I was ‘pretty badly shaken today’ too:

    1) Choices are there, however limited they are. It’s a matter of whether you choose to see them or not.

    2) Your actions/words only represent a small part of you. Even then, sometimes you may end up choosing the wrong actions/words, causing people to misunderstand you, even your closest friends.

    3) Be forgiving. Bearing a grudge will only make you feel more miserable at the end of the day.

    4) Give people the benefit of the doubt, even if that person chooses to do/see things from a different perspective.

    5) If you think you have been wronged, give yourself a chance by giving the person who wronged you a chance to know you better, if your honor/integrity is what matters to you. Otherwise, channel your energies on what you treasure more. Ever heard of Covey’s seven habits?

    6) If all things fail, take everything as a pinch of salt. You wouldn’t want to end up havng suicidal thoughts everyday. 🙂

    7) Happiness is the elixir to longevity.

    Thank you for providing the space for me to express my feelings. I couldn’t have possibly included the above in my blog. Have a nice day!

  4. Runebab: It’s healthy to go through stress and changes sometimes, it makes you a stronger person. We gotta learn to take breaks… otherwise can go mad! :O

    Rubez: Hey buddy, thanks for being there for me. 🙂

  5. Kevin: i have learned MUCH from you and your blog since i found it. that includes not only the information you post but also your opinions.

    i followed this situation and interestingly had thought to myself: “i respect Kevin that much more for blogging under his own identity”.

    i had a down day not too long ago and a really smart, helpful, kind person wrote to me:
    “Always remember how fortunate you are…
    So contentment won’t be far.”

  6. Thanks Jennimi. I blog under my own identity because I meant for this to be a purely academic blog. As life would have it, nothing is ever simply black and white, and soon after, the rest of my life poured on the blog. It’s risky (even gung-ho) for anyone to blog with their real identity, but I think it pays off because people can trust you easily.

  7. Take care…don’t feel too bad….anyway life still goes on. Your blog still goes on, and you’ve got a fan base! 🙂 And most importantly, you’re gonna get your Dr soon!

  8. Heavenly Sword: I am honored by your presence. You bring forth light in the evil of darkness. Can you teach me some kung-fu now? I want to be better than Black Mamba. 😛

  9. I know that one already…. MrWang taught me. I want to know how to fly on the treetops like you do. This way I can save on petrol when getting to school! 😛

  10. Haha…I don’t know how to fly on treetops myself! 🙂 But I do know how to walk on water, so I can impart that skill to you…It might be a handy skill for you to learn, cos then you won’t need to buy expensive air tickets from US to Singapore; just walk across the ocean 😉

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