Today’s Links: The Flaws of Bureaucracy

The Flaws of Bureaucracy
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5 thoughts on “Today’s Links: The Flaws of Bureaucracy

  1. I believe that the manager wanted to state the incident as an exceptional case and used the register system as his way of recording it. He probably used the purchase item fields for his remarks, which got saved in the system and was printed on the receipt. He was probably being malicious to the customer by printing it like that.

  2. re: the Curious Incident of the Overly and Tragically Verbose Receipt:

    that’s it! first Blockbuster destroys Last Tango in Paris by censoring half the scenes, now they mistreat a customer! i need to register with Netflix! (what are folks’ experiences with this? is it a good company to work with?)

  3. Actually Netflix has been great according to customer reviews. I don’t rent enough movies to justify signing up with them though. Since you’re a Mac fan, there’s also a slick mac app called NetFlix Freak which lets you manage your loan queue.

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