LifeStory: Kevin and his lost library card…

ramblinglibrarianIvan of RamblingLibrarian fame loves stories, especially ones related to libraries. So when he went on the topic of library fines, it was only natural that I spilled the beans on my true life event which:

1. Is related to libraries.
2. Shows that shit happens, but so do miracles.
3. Renders me a shamelessly swell guy.

Sillyness aside, Ivan asked if he could blog about it and I said ok because “life is full of stories” so we’d never run out. He then posted our instant message conversation in it’s full uncensored glory…

Kevin: Guess what… it’s library story time! When I was 18 or so, my classmate said she needed to borrow books and (had) lost her library card. not thinking too much about it, I loaned her my card. a week later, she said she lost my card

Ivan: uh oh…*

Kevin: I was like “WTF” but I just said ok and walked off. so for a period of time I didn’t have a card. then one day in orchard rd I boarded a bus home and on one of the seats was a wallet. it was very obvious and no singaporean would claim it. I took it and asked around realizing the owner probably left.

Kevin: I looked for some ID in the wallet. it belongs to an indonesian student in RJC. there was $1k in the wallet!!

Kevin: Guess what I did next?

For the rest of the story, you’ve gotta read his blog!

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  1. BlogGuru!

    as a future librarian (if i can get thru this semester…. AHHHHHH!) i have to chime in here! what a nice thing you did, and in turn was done. good karma for all!

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