Today’s Links: The kind of toys kids get nowadays…

Hasbro's Zoombox Projector for kids

  • Hasbro’s ZoomBox Projector
    The kind of toys coming out nowadays makes me wanna be a kid again… a geek kid that is. The Zoombox is a projector with built-in DVD player, and input jacks, all for US$299. I doubt the screen resolution is good though. Keywords: gadgets, geek, social, toys, trend
  • VuGo
    Hat tip to MrBig on this one… Yet another interesting toy for kids this Christmas, the VuGo portable media player lets you play downloaded mp3s and videos, and it let’s you record straight from TV too! Thing is, with only 128mb storage memory, will kids complain about video quality? Keywords: gadgets, media, toys, video
  • Xbox vs. Xbox 360: Do You Really Need HD?
    Not me. Gameplay is most important and most gaming companies still don’t get it. Instead of building better storylines, they make games look more realistic. Isn’t that just plain boring when we’re sick of everyday life? Keywords: gaming, tips, xbox
  • First tricked out Xbox 360
    More for the geeks… a little too colorful for the rest of us. Keywords: design, gaming, geek, mod
  • Read PSP ebooks online
    A new web site offers PSP owners the ability to read thousands of classical books live online… definitely a great bookmark for the PSP. Keywords: books, psp, tips
  • Half-life 2 arcade machine (Japan)
    The Half-life 2 game ported to the arcade machine… but this isn’t any old machine, it’s tricked out with foot pedals and dual joystick controllers so you’ll have as much control as your PC counterparts. (Scroll midway down) Keywords: gaming, trends
  • SIXX MIXX: 32 minutes awesome mashups
    SIXX MIXX 106 – 11/11/05 BREAKDOWN EDITION 30MB 128kbps mp3 1. Survivor vs. Scissor Sisters – Comfortable Tiger (Phil and Dog mashup) 2. Nine Inch Nails – Only (Russell Vargas remix) 3. Beck – Shake Shake Tambourine (remixed by Ad Rock) Keywords: mashup, mp3, music

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  1. hey i have a laptop and i was thinking about getting 1 but i want to know if it has a cord hooks up to the laptop 4 a other screen bcz i only have a 15.5 inch screen and its to small bcz i didnt want to spend 12.000 $ id rather pay 400 $

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