Hacking Firefox 1.5 with older extensions = Kaboom!

Hacking Firefox 1.5 for old extensions = Kaboom!

Prologue: When Hell Broke Loose…
I tried to be smarter than usual yesterday by forcing Firefox 1.5 to run with my favorite extensions, including the old ones like SessionSaver (saves your tabs even after quitting!). While doing so, I wrote a how-to article which should now be renamed as “what not to do”. You could say this report ended up in flames since when my hacked version of Firefox started misbehaving. Worse still, it was the first time my Powerbook actually crashed. Even after rebooting and performing all my diagnostics (FSCK, AppleJack, Diskwarrior in series), the Mac kept giving me a grey look of death at the login screen. So I said to hell with it, backed up my files to an external drive and did a clean re-install of 10.4.3. By that evening, I got everything up and running. I guess one good thing from this was that I finally got to optimize my Mac by trimming useless apps, extensions and other fat off my OS, thus saving a ton of space and probably getting better processor overhead (a timely tune up!). Now onto the stupid stuff…

Don’t try stupid things at home…
Right now I have 37 Firefox browser tabs open across five windows with all kinds of stuff I’ve yet to blog about from my feeds on NetNewsWire. Sometimes I have so many references to deal with, I launch my other browsers simultaneously (Safari and Camino) just in case one crashes. With my daily consumption of news ever increasing, you know I need to reply on a dependable browser that doesn’t crap out on me for no apparent reason.

For this fact, I’m most appreciative of the developers behind these web browsers, which I believe is the most used program on anyone’s computer. When Firefox 1.5 was released two days ago, I was all set to upgrade when I realized that most of my heavily used Firefox extensions would no longer work. I thought to myself how it’s take ages before individual developers to update their extensions, and figured there should be a workaround for it…

Definitely don’t do this…
A discussion on Digg led me to download the Nightly Tester Extension. This extension allows you to individually overide each extension to work with your current Mozilla version, without having to mess around with the Firefox config file (which can lead to other issues).

Definitely do this…
Alternatively, if you’re less adventurous smarter, someone compiled an essential list of Firefox 1.5 compatible extensions which would work right off the bat.

UPDATE 1: For Mac users, Neil compiled G4 and G5 optimized Firefoxes just for us!
UPDATE 2: Looks like an updated SessionSaver is out. Firefox 1.5 here I come!
UPDATE 3: Aronnax has an awesome looking bunch of minimalist themes, extensions and hacks that work exclusively on Firefox 1.5 for Mac.

7 thoughts on “Hacking Firefox 1.5 with older extensions = Kaboom!

  1. I rely on people like you to feedback on the do’s and dont’s. So that I do not end up reinstalling my OS. ­čÖé

    But true enough, I am always tempted to reformat my hdd. My cannot-make-it compooter is crawling like mad.

  2. Hi. Anyone know how to make NBC.com’s video content work on a Mac running 10.4.3? I’ve tried Firefox 1.5, Safari 2, Omniweb, Netscape 7, and IE 5 with no luck.

  3. Lancerlord: Haha, I’m glad to be of service. Least my demise helped someone out there.

    Phil in Japan: Peeking into the source code for NBC’s video page, it seems to require ActiveX and Windows Media Player to work. If you do a Google search, you’ll see that to date there’s no ActiveX controllers for the Mac. It’s really up to Microsoft to do something about that.

    Jessie: Firefox rocks! For fan videos, check out Firefox Flicks

  4. I’m really glad you like the Firefox builds, but it would be polite to not use images directly off of my server, wouldn’t it?

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