My Spreadshirts arrived!

My Spreadshirts are here!

Incidentally I added a Spreadshirt shop to my blog called TheoryShop where you can check out the other designs I put together. If you are feeling generous, buy one and I get a small cut.

5 thoughts on “My Spreadshirts arrived!

  1. wow that was fast! back to the cafepress/spreadshirt debate, i think this is much faster than cp. i’m sold. can’t wait for mine to come!


  2. that’s cool. glad to see that everything went smooth ­čÖé The identity design is terrific, btw… ­čÖé Lukasz (spreadshirt global ceo)

  3. Kevin: how long did it take for the shirts to come? i am still looking for the mail carrier to come bearing the fruits of my non-labor (too fun to call it work)…

    -waiting by the window wondering…

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