Fellow blogger “La Idler” passes away…

LaIdler_SondraThanks to Mr Brown, I’ve discovered that Sondra (of Idle Days) has passed away yesterday from a rare blood disorder. Although I didn’t know Sondra in person, I’ve read her blog from time to time.

Yuhui informs us that Sondra was a Tomorrow editor besides being a prominent Singapore blogger. Although she will be missed by many, I am only starting to learn more about her via her blog and her Flickr photos. It’s pretty scary to note that her last blog entry actually showed us signs of her imminent demise…

The One Good Thing we can learn from this is how much fellow bloggers care for one another. This is similar to the early Internet days when IRC chat rooms were once popular. When CowboyCaleb didn’t hear from La Idler for a few days, he got worried and try contacting her. Also, after Mr Brown posted news of her passing, bloggers everywhere started to pour in their condolences.

Rest in Peace.

4 thoughts on “Fellow blogger “La Idler” passes away…

  1. Kevin,

    thank you for posting such a kind tribute to this talented, beautiful, and smart young woman. even though i never knew her, being able to look over her blog gives me the sense that i did, and i am here grieving a little, and saying a prayer for her friends and family. again, we see how the Internet, especially blogs, can bring us all together.


  2. Hey kevin,

    thanks for sharing. it’s sad to hear fellow blogger passed away due to some illness.. my condolences to her as well.

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