Sony PSP now supports Podcasting (RSS): Should we upgrade?

1/31/06 UPDATE: It is now possible to run homebrew games and apps on PSPs of all versions. No luck for ISO loaders though.

psp rss With only 4% of Internet users acknowledging the existence of RSS feeds, it’s pretty wild that Sony decided to add Podcasting support as a firmware update (2.6) for their portable entertainment device, the Sony PSP. Perhaps this is Sony’s way to wrestle with Apple on becoming a distribution channel for bringing podcasts to the mainstream masses. Nevertheless, it makes sense going in this direction since the motivation to listen to free audio content would drive consumers to intrinsically understand the web technologies involved (i.e. RSS).

Simply speaking, RSS feeds allow for all kinds of content to be delivered to you as long as you subscribe to it. In the case of podcasting, you’d be subscribing to audio feeds (mostly MP3s) which get downloaded automatically as soon as it’s published by the podcast owner. For portable devices such as the Sony PSP, PDAs or even cell phones, browsing regular web pages can be a tedious process given the mediocre connection speed, rendering time and screen size of your portable device. As such, the ability to read RSS feeds (and podcasts) make even more sense since it immediately delivers to you what you’re interested in, without the need of looking at a single web page.

Now, the big question is: Should PSP owners upgrade?

Here’s a quick comparison chart I made on each PSP firmware version’s capabilities:

Keeping the PSP firmware to 1.5 allows us to run all our favorite homebrew programs, including ISO loaders which let you play backed up images of UMD games off your memorystick. I see this as the strongest proponent for sticking with version 1.5. However, with the trend of newer UMD games requiring at least 2.0 firmware (e.g. Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo), gamers are now at the turning point where it might make more sense to forgo playing with UMD game images for more everyday usability of their PSP. While it would be ideal for the homebrew scene to develop for version 2.6, the cat and mouse game Sony has been playing with their regular firmware updates currently puts them in a good secured spot.

Looking at the big picture, Sony’s been pretty smart in adding more features to the PSP to entice users to relinquish control of their portable device over to the media giant. Features provided in the new firmware version are just too tempting to pass up for some of us, and if you need more convincing before making the leap of faith (going to 2.6), try reading Russell Beattie’s review of PSP’s Podcasting support. For me, I still have one gripe before making the switch: Where’s the darn keyboard!?!

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UPDATE: Businessweek has a good article on PSP hackers vs. Sony

UPDATE 2: For those with chart-fetishes, PSP-Vault now has a fantastic Firmware Compatibility Chart, complete with media formats and downgrading opportunities. This should help answer a lot of your PSP-related questions.

134 thoughts on “Sony PSP now supports Podcasting (RSS): Should we upgrade?

  1. Just bought the PSP and struggled a bit with the whole firmware thing …. esp. running LUA apps vs. using the RSS feature. This is a great summary!

    Question though – what is the estimated time of arrival of a hack to allow homebrew +/or LUAPlayer to run on 2.5 or 2.6 (really 2.6)?

    I upgraded to 2.6 to try the RSS, but am second guessing whether to return it and get a 2.0 version so that I can write and play LUA games since there is no downgrader available.

  2. I’m confused. I know about the overflow.tif-based loader exploit for 2.0, but this doesn’t run all homebrew. (The list grows with each release, but some seem to be impossible.) Is there something else that supports everything 1.5 supports? If so, this could be the best Christmas ever! (Hey, I’m a Stella fan. What can I say…) Anyway, I appreciate any info.

  3. yes i think we should i allready made my upgrade
    today the 2.6 version im sure i will see the 2.8 version
    or the 3.0 anyway sony is the best in software
    i will go bankrupt and the ps3 will win the battle of the

  4. I upgraded and I am not happy that i did, When i just got my psp a few weeks ago and i did not know about all the homebrews and other goodies for i just jumped in and upgraded to 2.6 and i wish i waited nice version tho. Best part is the background changer

  5. If you accidentally upgrade, just return it to the store you bought it from an exchange it for a new stock one. Hopefully these models will have a lower firmware version for homebrew.

  6. I do not have the box cause my girl bought it for me and i left it no the table and my cuz got to it and but some scatchs on the ring in the back so i dont know if i can return it or not?

  7. If any one has any literature, a link, or something that could help me turn my PSP from 2.60 back to 1.5 or at least 2.0 I would greatley appreciate it and there may be an award in it for you !

  8. If any one has any info on reverting a PSP’s update back from 2.60 to 1.5 or at least 2.0; I would greatley appreciate it and would even reward such a great person.!!!

  9. None has come out yet and it sucks but i’m waiting for to drop one if the was one they would have it first good luck and wha type of reward?

  10. Does anybody know how i can get a firmware version 1.5 to play these new games that need the firmware updating. I want to play them but i still want to keep my homebrew features??
    Please help . If anyone has a step by step guide that would be class!!

  11. Right now someone’s gotta a homebrew app to work in firmware 2.6, which is the very latest version. Thing is if you’re thinking of UMD loaders, you’re outta luck. Only works on 1.5. Keep an eye out for new developments on

  12. i just got my psp and upgraded my firmware brcause the guy at the shop told me i should do that. i bought some games over the net to put on my memory card but it sounds like i won’t be able to play them right? One last thing what the heck is homebrew???????????????


  13. sony is really not doing the psp any good with a ll this firmware stuff. sony should just make a firmware that allows homebrew but not iso loading. then everyone would be happy

  14. Hi!
    My son has a V 1.5 PSP and he uses Device Hook to play older style games. However, he has been given King Kong and Crash Tag Team Racing for Xmas and they won’t play through Device Hook. Obviously, we don’t want to upgrade to play them off the UMD.

    Anyone got any ideas???

  15. Rachel: Sigh, I wish every mom were as technically loving as you… and yes, it’s likely that these games only run on 2.0 and above that’s why. What I’d do is to upgrade to 2.0 (not any higher!) if your son really wants to play those games, then google online for “PSP 2.0 to 1.5 downgrader” to bring it back to 1.5 after your son gets tired of playing those games. 🙂

  16. ive had my psp upgraded to version 2.6, but i now have to downgrade it to 1.0-1.5 (either two will do , please help me in how to do it or where to find the instructions on doing it

  17. I wanna downgrade now i just bought a 2gb memory card so i could download games i fckin think maybe it’s better to upgrade first and now it doesn’t fckin work wth ???!!!!

  18. This is stupid, can someone give an estimate to when the 2.6 to 2.0 downgrader will be available?!? I have tried loading the new Media Center and it doesnt work so that is why i am guessing that i need to downgrade.

  19. I really regret upgrading to version 2.6, along with 90% of you in this forum. But will it kill you to wait a few months? Someone is bound to find a hack to downgrade it!

  20. Yes just wait and buy some games like your meant to do and mess around and try to do it your self. If you just bought your psp take it back and tell them that the battery wont chrage and the they will give you a new one with a lower verison Thanks and your welcome

  21. Mt PSP out of the box is Version 2.01, can this be downgraded to 1.5 or is it only 2.0 that can be downgraded

  22. I think the problem is that the groups that made the hacked v1.5 and v2.0 were busted. And Sony is keeping a close eye on the web for new group activities. Atleast there are alot of bogus sites out there claiming to have hacks and stuff and then there are only links to buying UMD disks and other sony PSP related stuff.

    If and when a hack or a downgrader for v2.6 comes out make sure to distribute it to as many as u can in as short time as u can so ppl will not accidentally dl v2.8 or v3.0 before. coz Sony is sure to response quickly to such a release, they are making the codes and files more difficult to hack with each release :-/

  23. I cant downgrade from version 2.6. Everybody else has cool old school games and new school games on theirs but i dont have anything!!!!!! i need to downgrade to 2.0. somebody help me!!!!!!!!


  25. There is a way to downgrade the PSP from 2.6 but it is quite confusing and I am working on it now!!! YaY!! anyway you have to reverse the files in the EBOOT.PBP If done correctly it should trick the PSP into thinking that it is upgrading as it is really downgrading!!!

  26. No. Firmware 2.6 does now have 2 homebrew applications, the first of which was created by the amazing Fanjita. That guy needs to stop owning firmwares. He’s too good at it : )
    One is Tetris, and the other is the Starfield screensaver. This just happened over the past couple days, but since there are plenty of amazing hackers like Fanjita out there, it probably won’t be long until there are some interesting home-brewed apps out there. People need to stop being impatient about these things. They take time, and these people are making progress. Don’t ask when more stuff is going to come, because it can’t really be predicted. Also it’s easy enough to find the answers to many of the repeated questions on your own. And for the next 12 people who ask, there is not 2.5/2.6 downgrader.

  27. Does any one know how to make the Internet Browser on the PSP work effiecently without it coming up with “NOT ENOUGH MEMORY” or “LOW MEMORY”.

    I have a 2GB memory stick, have cleared the cache , history etc and reset the cache etc. Is there a better way of making IE work without those notices? Your assistance would be appreciated. Thanks.

  28. some one for gadsake let me know why the hell sony is not releasing a downgrader.iam not FOOL to spend 400 bugs for psp if cant run home brew’s……iam happy to spend 50 bugs to buy a degrader…..let me know bodys plz……………………

  29. There is no Downgrader for 2.6 so read the forum before posting that thread ok and its only a matter of time just chill and play pong or tetris

  30. i have a computer programmer working on a downgrade now, she thinks that if you run it backwords with a few modifications, it should downgrade it back to your previous version. as soon as i find a downgrader online, or this one is finished, i will post it at geocities.comtitangamingsite


  31. U no wat. i dont no y all u ppl r wanting to downgrade to 1.5 to only get crappy gamez from the prehestoric tymes. I say upgrade to 2.6 and just buy decent psp umd gamez that actually look good graphically and r not 2d crap em ups.

    by the way go go power rangers

  32. mabie everyone should just go raid the damn sony HQ and throw rocks at them and make them give us our damn cheap games!

  33. Hi!
    I just upgraded to fw 2.6 and now I want to downgrade it.
    If someone knows a way to do that I would be grateful if you sent a step by step instruction to i’ Jerks.

  34. So Many people asking exactly the same question, so just to clear things up.


    As for the comment about Sony selling a downgrade – Why would they want people to Downgrade when they know previous versions have been hacked!

  35. I would like a downgrader also everyone, BUT THERE IS NO SUCH THING!!!!!!!!!!! STOP ASKING!

    god I hate it when people dont listen…

  36. My PSP i want to firmware just 3 months ago still 2.6 damn
    new updates verison 2.7 or 3.0

    WOW! Porn videos all put my PSP Videos that work right now

    like a all bitches, bitch —- Must Be 100MNV01 or 101MNV01/ 200ANV01, USB, PSP Internet or SanDisk put computer Hp/XPSuper

  37. After browsing 4 a while i get a messege saying “not enough memory” does any1 know whats goin on plz help its so anoying

  38. Hey guys, I have psp homebrew for 2.6 that supports previous homebrew versions. check my psp page
    so many people have hit the transfer limit, so it should be up in about 45 minutes the current time is 8:39 central
    leave feadback on our forums, or e-mail
    titan games

  39. PS3 will suck…its not backwards compatable and the 360’s bugs are fixed…nothing will be able to overtake it

  40. I think we should all complain to Sony at their official website and say that we want a downgrader for the v2.6 to the v1.5 and v2.0. Thats what I tink we shold all do!

  41. 2.6 has finaly been hacked thanks to the exploit by fajita is called ebootloader for gta liberty city those of you that have 2.6 be happy because were getting closer to home brew but those with lower versions I would advise not to update yet because the exploit only runs about 50% or the homebrew and some times wount run at all so stick to 1.5 oe 2.0 for now p.s they are working on a full working version

  42. there is a homebrew loader for the psp firmware 2.6
    it does require GTA LCS and the eboot loader from this website (

  43. sony piss me off, i got a psp from hong kong not knowing until i tried to register it with the brittish website, then i find i have to register with the hong kong web site and then to top it all im not allowed to even use the brittish website, my advise don’t get a psp from another country or one at all

  44. Im making a petition right now for sony stating that sony should liscence specific homebrews. Right now the reason they are blocked is because some few individuals like to violate copyright laws and ruin it for all of us. I am suggesting to sony that they should allow users to submit homebrews to them for testing. Than sony can put a liscence the homebrews that follow a certain set of rules so that we can use homebrews with this licsencing upcoming update!

  45. if you now how to downgrade 2.60 mail me at . However, we can read in web some informations about downgrade our stupid version 2.60. I think before summer, downgrade will be relased. Bye

  46. hi, lance (or anyone else)could you please tell me how to work an install the downgrader mentioned in post number 73 because i am well and truly regreting upgrading to 2.60.

  47. oh and i have liberty city stories as well so i should be ok but i am confused on how it all works

  48. Absolutely brialliant article, but the big question is do we really want to surrender our liberty?

  49. i know how to run an eloader for the 2.6 version psp so you can
    play SOME games that are hombrew butyou also need liberty city

  50. Wouldnt it be possible to make an firmware 1.5 or 2.0 diguised as an 2.7 firmware or so to trick the PSP into to thinking it’s an upgrade?

  51. ok listen everyone there is no downgrading for 2.01+ firmwares so stop asking. for psp news go to and register there and say you were reffered by “pspkillsds”

  52. Im having an issue of getting my PSP from 1.5 to a firmware version higher eg. to 2.0 so i can play new games, when any version of firmware is run on the PSP is loads it and comes up with a screen that i would say is ment to have text there but has nothing except a “0”and a “X’ at the bottom of the screen if i hit the X or the 0 it brings up a box with no text again and if i hit either of the buttons again it exits to the blank screen or reboots the PSP am i supossed to run something first before loading the firmware?? Help would be great!!

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