ChitChat: Things you see in the First Class cabin…

First Class

Ian: I just came back from San Francisco on First class!
Kevin: Nice! At most I got to try Business class during my army days.
Ian: There was something interesting about the laptops in First class…
Ian: They were all Powerbooks!
Kevin: In the words of Neo: “Woah”
Ian: Not one Windows notebook in entire 1st class
Kevin: Any photos!?!
Ian: Nah…too sleepy and lazy
Kevin: MAN, it would be totally awesome if you took one!
Ian: Hahaha! And it’s the Premier Service 1st class
Ian: only from NY to SF or LA do they have the 3-class planes
Ian: where most domestic only have 2-classes
Ian: so it is the “real” 1st class
Kevin: which airline were you on?
Ian: United
Kevin: Flyer miles baby!
Ian: ladies were using 12″
Ian: and the guys used 17″
Kevin: That’s stereotypical… wait a sec, I use a 12″…
Ian: hmm… I didn’t see any 15″ Powerbooks though
Kevin: interesting… means I must get 17″ ?!?
Ian: Told my GF we have to get Powerbooks… if not we’d be escorted out
Ian: for not meeting requirements!!
Kevin & Ian: Hahaha *snort/fart* hahaha… 😀

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  1. That entire space is what one first class passenger gets… and the seat probably reclines when he/she isn’t watching the screen. 😛

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