Making my own blogging t-shirts

Making my own blogging t-shirts

Bloggers can be graphic online. Why can’t bloggers be graphic offline as well?
To this end, I quickly put together some original designs for t-shirts via Spreadshirt, a cool online apparel customization store. Prices for these designs ended up being around US$27 each, so I couldn’t afford them all.

Here’s a rundown on the t-shirts I made (but bought only one):
1. “I Heart RSS” – This is sooo geekfully cool, I wanted it so much. Alas, not everyone around me would “get it” and it’d be a waste of my money. Well, only 4% of netizens use RSS, ’nuff said.

2. “IDENTITY” – Ultimately, I bought this because I felt it was “practicing the actual” (as Chris says). On the front is my Xbox Live nick, my AIM nick, my email and my blog URL. It’s my small attempt at bringing my virtual and physical worlds closer.

3. “RSS is my kind of Porn” – Once again, so cool, but so wrong. I would really have little chance to wear this.

4. “I Heart Bloggers” – This might be a bit too lame and might cause me to be involuntarily beaten up by passer-bys for being too much of a wannabe.

There was one other design which I made and bought, but it was for a special someone. Total cost for the two items with shipping was $62.79… A nice ouch!

BTW: If you do make one of your own blogging t-shirts, take a screenshot and put it on Flickr under the tag “myblogshirt”. Let’s start a picture meme on this!

14 thoughts on “Making my own blogging t-shirts

  1. Shirtster + Jennimi: CafePress seems to be the pioneer for personalized merchandise, but really try Spreadshirt… the way you customize tshirts on their Flash-based app is fun!

    Jia: Aiyoh! In love, you can’t always be picky… it’s the thought that counts no? I think of it abstractly as “practising the actual” where love, being an intangible object, is now “realized in form”.

  2. Actually, I prefer this over Cafepress. Unless Cafepress has changed over the past few months, you have to upload all your designs.

    The shirts I like are plain old text and it’s a pain in the butt to create an image of the slogan I want just to upload it. Typing it into Spreadshirt makes way more sense for me.

    Nice find!

  3. There’re small stores in the street that let you “draw ” on the tshirt, but for drawing idiot like me…not even think about it!
    I’m playing with the spreadshirt now, it’s cool!!! although…the price is way too high for me. dunno whether there’re such websites in mainland China

  4. LOL, your t-shirt designs are nice! I’d so get no.2 for myself, with my own details of course. But maybe I’d just put gaming nicks and blog url, don’t want to be msn-stalked. 😛

    Too bad it’s a little pricey. *starts saving to order for next Blogging Day*

  5. I agree on the high price, but unfortunately it’s one of those things where high pricing makes it intrinsically exclusive. I think it’s worthwhile if enough people comment on how cool your t-shirt looks.

  6. well it’s nice that you can just enter text and stuff on spreadshirt, but i do like the way i get to control how my products’ gonna look like by uploading the artwork to cafepress…

    now now now… do i get to promote my stuff a bit? hehehehehe here is a list of my stuff, do feel free to comment on them 😉

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